What is the Upwork Job Success Score? How to Increase Upwork JSS?

Upwork Job Success Score (JSS) is a mechanism that helps you to focus on your work and build strong relationships with clients. Your JSS measures your quality of work and client satisfaction. It reflects your reputation on Upwork by indicating different factors such as your performance on Upwork, client feedback, and job outcome over time.

As a freelancer, you must know how your performance is evaluated on Upwork.

I’m going to write a small post on Upwork JSS. In this article, We will explain everything you need to know about Job Success Score on Upwork.

  • What is the Upwork Job Success Score?
  • How is Upwork JSS calculated?
  • How can you get JSS on Upwork?
  • What is the good Job Success Score on Upwork?
  • How is Upwork JSS calculated?
  • How can you improve your Upwork JSS?

So, Keep staying here to know the importance of Upwork JSS if you want to become a top-rated seller on Upwork.

What is the Upwork Job Success Score?

Upwork Job Success Score is a way to evaluate the performance of freelancers on the platform. JSS on Upwork measures client satisfaction based on his feedback on your overall contract history on Upwork.

If you score 90% or above, you will be considered the top freelancer or agency on Upwork. It means the closer you are to 100, the more satisfied your client is. A high JSS helps you to stand out in the market.

Further, We learn how a freelancer can increase Upwork JSS.

How can you get JSS on Upwork?

To get a Job Success Score, you need to complete the following things on Upwork.

  • Project with 2 (or more) different clients
  • Four (or more) different contracts within 24 month

According to Upwork, more than 90% of freelancers have a score after 5 projects, and nearly all freelancers have scored after completing eight projects.

What is a good Upwork Job Success Score?

Generally, a 90% or above score is considered the best on Upwork. JSS between 80 to 90 is also good, but it indicates that your clients want improvement. Upwork JSS is 75% or less, showing that finding a job on Upwork will be difficult.

  • If your Upwork JSS is 90% or higher, then your score is considered excellent
  • If the score is between 75% to 90%, then your chance of finding work will be good
  • For less than 75, your score will be counted as poor

How often is the job success score updated?

Your job success score on Upwork will be updated after every two weeks. It’s good that it allows you to enhance it quickly in case it decreases a little bit.

Which factors impact Upwork JSS?

  • Poor public and private feedback
  • Positive private and public feedback
  • Your higher-value job 
  • Your recent work record

What’s the difference between public and private feedback?

Public feedback is what freelancers see at the end of each contract and what is shared publicly on the profile of freelancers. The ratings for skills, availability, adherence to schedule, quality of work, communication, and cooperation, and comments if clients have added any. Private feedback consists of the reason for including the contract (e.g… job completed successfully) and a score for “How likely are you to recommend this freelancer to a friend or colleague? “on a scale of 0-10 (Not at all likely to extremely likely)

How is Upwork JSS Calculated?

There are two ways to calculate the Upwork Jobs Success Score:

1. Using Equation

Upwork doesn’t disclose the exact calculation for your score; however, at a high level, Upwork looks at JSS this way:

(Successful contract outcome – Negative contract outcome)/Total Outcome

2. Explanation of Average 

Upwork takes the feedback from your work history for every 3,6,12, and 24 months to calculate each score. From out of these moving time windows releases your best score as JSS.

These Four different JSS are calculated every two weeks.

  • The average JSS of your last 24 month
  •  Your average JSS during the past 12 month
  •  Your average JSS during the Past 6 month
  •  Trending JSS

You can calculate trending JSS by adding your average JSS of the past 6 months with your average JSS of the past 3 months, divided by half. For Example

(Average JSS of past 6 months + Average JSS of Past 3 months)/2

Note that any changes n in the score reflect both recent activity and past activity (up to 24 months)

How to improve your Job Success Score on Upwork?

Here, you need to work on some important factors that will help you to improve your Job Success Score at Upwork.

1. Quality of Work

Freelancers who provide the best quality of work will get positive feedback from clients. It will help you to improve your job success score on Upwork, and your chance of getting hired will increase.

2. Get a Large Job

Try to get long-term Jobs from the clients for higher earnings. Due to this, you can build long-term relationships with clients.

3. Deliver on Time

As a freelancer, you should meet the deadlines to maintain your JSS score. It will build your relationship and reliability and improve your JSS.

4. Communicate effectively

Effective communication is key to maintaining a good relationship with your clients and ensuring that you understand their needs.

5. Respond to Negative Feedback

If you receive negative feedback from the client, try to resolve the issue by responding professionally. This will help you to reduce the impact of negative feedback on JSS.

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In conclusion, the job success score on Upwork plays a vital role in assessing the performance and background of freelancers. The JSS considers factors such as client feedback, project success, and responsiveness. To stand out in the market, you must show your reliability and expertise to potential clients. Upwork provides guidelines to help freelancers improve their JSS and overall performance. By focusing on all parameters, you can improve your JSS and win new projects on Upwork.

If you have any queries about Upwork JSS, post your question in the comment section.

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