How to Make Good Money on Upwork as a Freelancer?

High-skilled freelancers are continuously growing on Upwork. Upwork is a site where freelancers make money online by selling their services or skills. It is estimated that more than 18 million freelancers are registered on Upwork and 5 million clients worldwide. In the gig economy, Upwork plays a very crucial role, which is why it is considered the best to make good money on Upwork. So it provides a platform for experienced and new sellers to connect with businesses and clients.

If you are a new freelancer and thinking about making money online, Upwork is the best platform to earn good money. From the above stat, you should know how many freelancers are making money on Upwork. So if you are considering this platform, you can’t imagine how much you can make from Upwork.

Are you finding ways to make money on Upwork?

In this article, we will discuss Upwork and the steps to making money on Upwork, no matter whether you are new or experienced. However, it provides equal opportunities for freelancers to sell their Freelance skills and earn money. So, look no further. You are on the right site and can learn maximum about how to make money on Upwork.

What Is Upwork?

Upwork is a freelance platform that connects freelancers with businesses or clients. In Upwork, clients come to find Freelancer talent. Freelancers come to find jobs on Upwork that best suit their skills. They find work in different fields, such as Web development, app development, graphic design, content writing, etc. Professionals can work on short-term and long-term projects to earn money on Upwork.

If you want to know how Upwork works, read this blog post to understand the working method of Upwork. In this article, we will learn how to make money on Upwork.


How To Make Money On Upwork?

Making money on Upwork can vary because every Freelancer has a different Freelance skill. Each Freelancer has their own hourly and fixed rates depending on their skills and expertise. However, some of the following things can help you to stand out from the competition.

  • Strength of your portfolio
  • Your Job Nature
  • Your level of experience
  • Communication Skill
  • Quality of your work

Further, I will share some steps to becoming a Successful freelancer and making money on Upwork. If you want to earn money on Upwork, then follow these steps.

1. Choose a Niche

The first and foremost step to making money on Upwork is to define your niche. It means you have to tell yourself who you are, why you are, and what specific job you are going to do. The client is always looking for freelancers who specialize in a particular area. Think about your strengths and expertise and define your job role clearly. This will help you to increase your chance of getting hired.

2. Create a Strong Profile

The second step is to earn money on Upwork to create a strong profile on Upwork. In this section, Your Profile should include:

  • Professional Profile Picture
  • Profile Title
  • Profile Bio
  • Employment History
  • At least three skills tag
  • A headline that describes your Skills
  • A Summary that highlights your experience

Additional sections:

  • Portfolio items (5% each, max 20%)
  • Employment history items (10% each, max 20%)
  • Education (10% each, max 20%)
  • Profile video (10%)
  • Linked social media account (10%)
  • Certification (5% each, max 10%)
  • Other experience (5%)

As you know, your profile is your digital resume, so make sure your area of work is clearly defined after getting hired. If you can work according to the client’s requirements, your account may be blocked. Freelancers should complete the sections such as headshot, profile title, and overview. If you mention these sections very clearly, the client will know all the things about you, and your chance of getting hired will increase.

After that, you can also fix your rates, like how many hours you can work in a week. You can also set your rates by getting ideas from the profiles of your competitors.

3. Build your Portfolio

One of the most important parts of your Upwork profile is your portfolio. Your portfolio should showcase your good work and demonstrate your skills and expertise. Include samples of your task and testimonials from previous clients.

You can attach sample documents and links to your work so that the client considers you the best fit for the job.

4. Send a Proposal 

In the proposal, you have to Introduce yourself and explain why you are the right Freelancer for the job. Highlight your skills, experience, and relevant accomplishments that make you a good fit for the project. You may attach a cover letter in which you write your working experience and additional information. Before sending a winning proposal, read the job description carefully and then write accordingly. This helps you convince the client that you are a person he finds.

For this, you can use Upwork Connects. In the basic plan, Upwork gives you ten free connect each month. These connect will help you to increase your visibility on Upwork.

If you want to learn how to write an effective cover letter and some examples, then visit this hyperlink article. 

cover letter

5. Setting your Rates

Setting your rates on Upwork can be tricky. You want to set a rate that’s competitive but also reflects your skills and expertise. It’s essential to research the average rates in your niche and set a rate that aligns with your skills and experience.

You can also consider offering different pricing models, such as hourly or project-based rates. It’s important to communicate your rates clearly with your clients and ensure that you’re both on the same page before starting work.

In Upwork, you get money in two ways: hourly and fixed rates.

In the Hourly rate, clients give you money based on the number of hours you worked for. The Freelancer uses time-tracking software provided by Upwork to track their work, and the client has to pay according to the total number of hours worked by the Freelancer.

In fixed-rate Freelancer, the client agrees upon a fixed amount for the entire project, regardless of the number of hours worked by the Freelancer. The Freelancer is expected to complete the project within the agreed-upon timeframe and deliver the final product to the client.

Upwork also deducts some of the fees depending on what you are earning. If your earnings are below $500, Upwork will charge you 20 %, and if more than $500, then it charges 10%, which means the more you earn, the lesser fee you have to pay.  If your earning is more than $10000, it takes a cut of 5%.                                                                                                                                          

6. Get Paid

There are many secured payment methods for Upwork Freelancer, such as:

  • Direct transfer
  • Wise transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer

If you are working on an hourly basis, you can receive your payment after 17 days because after finishing your hourly work, you and the client review the project weekly, and after ten days, you can get paid. If you are a top-rated seller, ten days are enough after completing milestones.

In a fixed-rate contract, sellers can get payment after approval milestones. It can take five days.

Best Tips to Make Money On Upwork

As you know, Upwork has become the largest freelance platform in the world. You can also make money on Upwork, but you have to remember some tips to become a top-rated seller on Upwork.

1. Always Provide Quality

While working with clients, you have to add some value to the work given by the client. Always provide guaranteed quality. This will help you stand out from the crowd. You will get excellent results continuously if you provide quality consistently.

You will receive notifications from other clients after building your reputation in the market. Next time you can charge more from other clients on every new project.

2. Be Proactive

A responsible person is known as active, while a proactive person controls the situation before it happens. So adopt a proactive approach, applying for a job every day in your niche. Send your proposal for both fixed-rate and contract base. Use your connections to send proposals regularly and be active on Upwork. Then it increases your visibility in the search results.

3. Improve your Proposal

Writing proposals and cover letters is also considered a good skill. You must have this skill to write a good proposal. In the proposal, Freelancer should define why clients are going to hire him, even other sellers also have the same skill. You should write a unique proposal and tell the client how you can help him with the project. Tell them about your experience and skills. Attach an effective cover letter with your proposal for Better understanding. Keep your proposal within 200 to 300 words.

So, get in touch with clients, reply to their messages as soon as possible, and answer their questions in detail to win clients’ trust.

4. Communicate Effectively

It is stated that 80% of your communication plays a role in your professional life. So be professional and communicate effectively. Your message should be clear, concise, and courteous. This will help you to strengthen your professional relationship with your client and become more productive

5. Don’t give up

Giving up is not a solution. A man who tries repeatedly will win the client. Keep hope, learn from your mistakes, and work with passion, patience, and persistence. These are some golden principles that help me a lot in my success.

Keep updating yourself to get a good outcome.

What Jobs are in most demand on Upwork?

The following are the most-demand jobs on this site that will help you to make money on Upwork:

  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Software development
  • SEO Expert
  • Resume Writer
  • IOS Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Gam Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant
  • Video developer
  • Shopify Developer
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant
  • Artificial Intelligence

Here are Some Skills that I suggest you learn initially that will help you to make good money on Upwork:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing
  • SEO Expert
  • Technical Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Find More Jobs With Upwork’s Tools

Upwork is continuously expanding its circle to grow the business of freelancers. Recently, Upwork added two great features for growing Freelancer works. These toolboxes are

Talent Scout helps freelancers by giving them, new clients. For this, you submit an application and interview with an internal recruiter. If you pass the interview, they will share your profile with high-paying clients. They will also help you by presenting your project to the client. In this way, you can get a client on behalf of Upwork talent scout. It will save you time by finding clients, and you will give more focus to earning money.

In Project Catalog, you don’t need to bid and send proposals. It will help you to turn your service to the client by showing pre-made projects such as graphic design and content writing etc. Clients directly contact you by seeing your project.

upwork project Catalog

If you have any queries about how to earn money on Upwork, comment in the below sections. The team of will answer each question.


In Conclusion, Upwork is a great platform for freelancers, but making money on Upwork requires patience, persistence, and dedication. It takes time to build a good, reputed profile and attract high-paying clients. It would be best for freelancers if they worked consistently and kept improving their skills. A freelancer should update his knowledge every day, and if he has this type of consistency and dedication, there are many more chances of success at work.

However, it’s important to note that for Upwork freelancers, competition on the platform is high, and success may take time. Nevertheless, with hard work and quality of work, you can gain opportunities on Upwork.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Upwork will be good for beginners if they are keen to learn this platform because thousands of jobs are posted every day, like graphic designing, content writing, SEO, etc. They can earn well on Upwork after learning these skills.

The most demanding skills on Upwork are Graphic design, Content Writing, Web and mobile app development, SEO and SMM, etc.