How to Set Up an Upwork Agency?

The freelancing industry continued to grow in the last few years. In Upwork, millions of Freelancing clients work together to grow their businesses. Some freelancers work individually, and some of them work in the form of an agency. In the Upwork agency, freelancers with different skills and expertise work together as a team for a larger project. They are making thousands of dollars by creating agencies on Upwork.

Do you want to create an Upwork agency to make good money on Upwork?

In this article, we will learn about Upwork agencies and how you will create an agency on Upwork. After reading this blog post, you will be able to do work efficiently on Upwork agencies. Looks no further. Let us start with the definition.

What is an Upwork Agency?

The Upwork agency is an Upwork account allowing multiple users to work under a single umbrella. With an agency account, you can create and manage multiple freelancer profiles, collaborate on projects, and share earnings and fees with your team members.

Difference Between Agency and Freelancing

Companies that provide several services, typically in specific niches under one umbrella An individual who offers their services to the clients independently.
Works as a team of employees having different skills and expertise.Solo, typically working alone or independently.
Can handle large and complex projects.They mostly work on simple and small projects.
Earn more money on Upwork.Make less as compared to an agency.

How to Create an Upwork Agency

To create an agency account on Upwork, you must have an existing Upwork freelancer account. Once you have logged in to your freelancer account, you can create an agency and invite team members to join. Each team member will have a freelancer profile, but they will work under the agency account.

After activation of the account 

  • Go to setting 
  • Contact info
  • Go to the additional account
  • Select a new agency account

After creating the agency on Upwork, you can move between your personal and agency account views with the help of the account menu.

Whatever freelancing account you have, you can create your agency on Upwork. Each Freelancer can make their agency. The agency fee on Upwork is $20 per month.

How Do You Find Freelancers to Join Your Agency?

  • To find a freelancer for your agency, you can make a job post on Facebook or LinkedIn related to the services you want.
  • You can invite freelancers by clicking on the “Invite to the job” button.
  • Use the Upwork research function to find a freelancer who meets your requirements.
  • Interview the talent if he is fit for your agency.

Additionally, you should set competitive rates and offer benefits for your teammates to make the agency more attractive.

Can a Freelancer take an already-established Agency to Upwork?

Yes, clients can invite you to work if you are working outside the platform. Many freelancers work by creating agencies but need to be added to Upwork. The client can send a Bring Your Own (BYO) request to work through the Upwork platform for healthy communication and an easy billing method.

How does Freelancer work on Upwork Agency?

Here I will share the process of working on an agency. Still, before going into detail, you must know the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive members of an Upwork agency. Then you will easily understand the whole process.

Exclusive Vs Non-Executive Agency Account

Exclusive Agency MembersNon-Exclusive Agency Member
They work as an agency contract.They can do work both independently as well as as agency members.
As an exclusive member, you can send a proposal as an agency member because your profile is branded.Freelancers receive payment directly if they send proposals independently. Otherwise, receive through an agency.
They get payment through an agency.Freelancer Receive payment directly if they send proposals independently. Otherwise, receive through an agency.

1. Profile 

Your agency profile will be different from your profile. You need to add project size, an overview of the office location, and customized logos.

2. Proposal

In an Upwork agency, a business manager and agency owner are authorized to accept offers. If you send the proposal through the agency profile, you can select which contract you will take. However, if you are a non-exclusive member, you can apply for a job with both routes, your profile or your agency profile.

3. Set your Default Team

By default, Freelancer as a non-exclusive agency member is shown on Upwork as independent no doubt you are a member of the agency on Upwork. Non-exclusive members wouldn’t show in search results as agency members. If you want to be visible in search results as an agency member, then go to 

  • Setting
  • My team

You can set the agency as your default team. This will help you reach out to the client by default.

  • If you are an exclusive member, you will show in the search result as an agency member when client search and Job Success Score (JSS) are also displayed.
  • If you are a non-exclusive member but not registered with the default team, the agency will not appear in the search results; only JSS will show.
  • If you are a non-exclusive member with a default team, the agency will show in the search result when the client filters the result, and JSS is also displayed.
  • For Exclusive members, the agency JSS is shown in their profile. This will only happen if a freelancer has enough contracts to win JSS.
  • The JSS is taken on the base of how many contracts have been completed by freelancers individually and or as a part of the agency.

Job Success Score (JSS) is the outcome of your work, and it reflects the client’s satisfaction.

4. Submitting a Proposal

You can send proposals through an agency or individually if you work as a non-exclusive member. While for exclusive, member all proposals are submitted as an agency member.

5. Accepting a Job Offer

  • If you are an exclusive or non-exclusive member with a registered default team, you can create a contract and accept an offer through an agency.
  • But if you are a non-exclusive member with no default team, you can accept a job offer through your account, not through an agency.

How do Agency members get paid on Upwork?

The payment method is the same as for individual freelancers. The payment will be released into your agency account according to the schedule setting. Team members can divide the payment accordingly.

What is the Upwork fee, and structure of Agency members?

If you work with a client under an agency or independently, the Upwork fee structure remains the same as standards such as 20%,10%, or 5%, depending on your earnings.

Benefits of Upwork Agency

  • Clients can quickly find and hire talented Freelancer around the world
  • By joining an agency, freelancers can increase their visibility to potential clients.
  • Freelancers work on longer projects and with repeat clients
  • You can build strong relationships with clients
  • You get the opportunity to work with the professional and top-rated seller
  • It provides a secure and safe environment

Do You want to learn more details about Upwork? Then you must go through the below link to better understand Upwork.

How you can make money on Upwork?


In Conclusion, Upwork agencies offer various services for businesses and freelancers alike. They provide a pool of talented freelancers who provide a valuable service to their clients. It offers accountability and security to the freelancers as well as clients. For freelancers, Upwork agency helps them to work on larger projects. They offer the potential for increased earnings and exposure to a wider range of clients.