How to Post a Job on Upwork?

Do you want to post your first job on Upwork? Do you need help with how to post a job and how to proceed after posting a job? So you don’t need to worry. I’m here to help you in this regard.

This article will explain all the procedures, from job posting to hiring a professional/freelancer for your Project. 

So, you should keep reading this article till the end and complete all of the parts. After reading this article, your mind will be clear about all the procedures of job posting on Upwork.

How much does it Cost to Post a Job on Upwork?

Upwork has both free and paid plans for employers to post a job. It depends on your need to choose a free or paid plan. 

In a free plan, you can post your job free of cost, and Upwork doesn’t charge for posting a job. 

The paid plans start from $49.99/month, but paid plans give you more benefits than free plans. Paid plans give you access to direct contact with the freelancers, and it also provides you with a support system that helps you if you face some difficulty at any stage. 

If you are a large company and want to hire freelancers in bulk, choose a paid plan, as it gives you more benefits. Otherwise, you can use a free plan without any issues.

Steps to Post a Job on Upwork

Following are the steps to post a job on Upwork.

1. Create an Account

For posting a job on Upwork, the first step is to create an account on Upwork. Upwork makes this process very easy for their new joinings.

To create an account on Upwork, firstly, you should click on the bright green button Sign Up” on the homepage.


Then, it would help if you chose whether you want to make this account as a freelancer and looking for a job or you are a client and want to hire freelancers for your Project.

Join as a client or freelancers

After this, Upwork will ask about your First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and about the country. You need to put all these details and agree on all Upwork terms of service. Then your account will be created.

Sign up to hire talent

After creating your account, you can move to the next step, which is posting a job on Upwork. Here you need to click I have the details ready to post a job and Create a job post

Posting a Job on Upwork

After clicking Create a job post, you will move to the next step.

2. Choose a Job Title

You must first choose theTitle of your job for posting a job on Upwork. You should choose your title very carefully, and the best name depends on your job type. 

But you consider the following things while you will choose a job title.

  • The title should be clear and concise.
  • Upwork allows only 50 words for a title, so keep this in mind while you choose a title.
  • Choose those keywords in your title that are likely to be searched for the skills you need for your job.

3. Choose the Skills Needed for your Job

After completing your title, Upwork will ask about the skills required for fulfilling your job. Upwork will give you different skills as options related to your title. Select 3-5 skills that you think are required for completing your job. 

If you don’t like Upwork options, you can choose skills that you think are the best according to your job requirements.

Skills needed forbyourb Job

4. Estimate the Scope of Your Project

In the next step of job posting on Upwork, Upwork will ask about the scope of your Project. Here you need to tell about the duration your Project will take, like less than one month or 1-3 months or 3-6 months, and the level of experience that you need, like Entry level Intermediate or Expert level. Is this job a contract for hiring full-time, depending on your talent?

Scope of your Project

5. Decide about the Budget that you want to Spend

Now Upwork will ask about the budget you want to spend on your Project for successfully posting the job. Upwork will give you two options to select your budget, i.e., Hourly Rate or Project Budget. 

Hourly Rate 

At an hourly rate, you have to choose how much you will pay your freelancer for working each hour. At an hourly rate, you have to pay for each hour that your hired person works on your Project.

Hourly rate

Upwork also suggests the rates per hour according to your Project and the market rates of these projects.

But it all depends on what rates you decide. You can even decide on fewer rates than Upwork suggestions or more.

Project Budget 

In a project budget, you have to select rates for your entire Project instead of selecting rates per hour for posting a job on Upwork.

Power Budget

So, in a project budget, you only have to pay one time for the whole Project irrespective of how many hours your Project takes to complete.

Here, you don’t need to worry that your hired freelancer is taking more time to complete your task because you don’t need to give him money per hour. Here, you only need to pay your freelancer on a project basis on the completion of your Project.

6. Write the Job Description

The last step of job posting on Upwork is to add an effective job description so that more potential freelancers come and apply for the job. In this way, you can select a skilled and professional freelancer for your Project.

Upwork allows 5000 characters for adding the description of your Project. So, please write a description carefully and use precise and accurate words so the applicants can easily understand it.

Job Description

Upwork also gives the option to attach files in which you can give more detail to the applicants regarding your projects. You can share your thoughts about what your expectations from you regarding this project. You can also share examples of similar projects or the projects of other companies as an idea. This additional detail can be very helpful for your hired freelancer. 

The maximum size of file that Upwork allows should be 100MB.

Here are a few tips regarding writing the description of your Project for posting a job:

  • Write the job description clearly and precisely.
  • Explain the types of expertise clearly that you need.
  • Highlight everything about your Project that is important and unique.
  • Proofread your job post one or two times.
  • Include clear objectives and descriptive examples.
  • And most importantly, describe your timeline and specifications for deliverables.

7. Review your Job Post

After completing your process of posting a job, Upwork allows you to review all the steps of your job posting process before finally posting. In the review part, you can review all the given details and edit them in case of any issues. 

After the final review, you can post your job on Upwork, and it will be accessible to all the applicants who want this type of job.

After posting a first job, you will receive an email from Upwork; from that email, you have to verify your email. After verifying your email, you will have access to all the qualified freelancers for your Project.


What happens when you Post a New Job on Upwork?

After posting a new job on Upwork, you will receive proposals from qualified freelancers.

You can find these proposals by logging into your Upwork client dashboard.

To review these job catchy proposals, you have to click on the title of the live job post, and then you have to click on Review Proposals.

How to Choose if you are receiving too many Proposals?

Suppose you are receiving too many proposals after posting a job and need help selecting the freelancer for your job. In that case, you can also use filters to shortlist qualified freelancers for your job.

Mostly, people use the following filters.

  • Job Success: It should be Top Rated
  • Earned Amount: It should be $10K plus
  • Last Activity: It should be within two weeks

What to do if you haven’t received any Proposal for your Project?

If you are not receiving a proposal even after many hours of the job posting, there could be many issues with your job posting.

The common issues during job posting are as follows.

  • The budget is too low
  • The job title and job description have some issues 
  • Job is too niche

What things should you consider during your selection as a freelancer?

For selecting a freelancer for your Project, you should review all the proposals very carefully. The following are the important points you should consider for selecting a freelancer.

  • Name 
  • Profile Picture 
  • Location 
  • Earnings 
  • Job Success Score
  • List of Skills
  • Proposed hourly or fixed rate
  • Cover Letter 
  • Milestone (If any)
  • Chat Box

You should go through all the proposals very carefully. 

Before final selection, you should chat with the shortlisted freelancers, and after the chat, I’m sure that you will be in the position of selecting any freelancer for your Project. 

After the final selection, you have to return to Upwork Client Dashboard and click Hire Freelancer. This is the important step of job posting on Upwork and you should consider all the proposals carefully.


In conclusion, Upwork is the best freelancing platform that helps clients find the right professional for their Projects. Posting a job on Upwork is a great way to find a talented freelancer to complete your Project. As you know, there are millions of freelancers on Upwork, but if you follow the steps above, you can create a job posting to choose the right freelancer. You must know selecting a good freelancer on Upwork for long-term Projects is an asset that helps to grow your business continuously.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In the Hourly contract, the billing cycle is from Monday to Sunday, and you can receive the payment after ten days. While at a fixed rate, you will receive the payment after the approval of milestones.

Posting a job on Upwork is free. However, once you hire a freelancer and payments are made, Upwork charges a fee based on the total amount billed.

Upwork,Fiverr, and Guru are considered the best freelancing websites. But Upwork is considered the best freelancing in the World due to its user-friendly interface.