How to Become the Upwork Rising Talent Badge? How to Get It?

Why does every freelancer on Upwork want to get a Rising Talent Badge on Upwork? How can you get a Rising Talent Badge on Upwork? What are the benefits of the Rising Talent Badge to freelancers on Upwork? 

The answers to all these questions are explained in this article. This article explains how to boost your profile on Upwork by getting more clients with the help of the Rising Talent Badge. So, you should keep reading this article till the end to know how freelancers benefit after getting Upwork Rising Talent Badge.  

What’s a Rising Talent Badge on Upwork?

A Rising Talent is a badge that helps to highlight the best new freelancers on Upwork. This Rising Talent badge helps you to get more orders quickly and helps to build your reputation in the well-reputed marketplace. 

If you are new on Upwork, this Rising Talent Badge will let clients know that you are one of the best new freelancers on Upwork. So, as you know, the competition on Upwork is increasing daily in every field, and hundreds of thousands of profiles on each skill exist. So, Rising Talent Badge helps freelancers, especially beginners, to compete with hundreds of thousands of competitors. To get this Rising Talent Badge, you must have potential in your field and early success with your Upwork clients.

Now Agencies on Upwork can also get a Rising Talent Badge which shows that these agencies have good knowledge and skills related to their field or top-rated freelancers of Upwork started these agencies.

So, this badge is very helpful for new freelancers and agencies who want to work on Upwork.

How to get a Rising Talent Badge?

Upwork highlights some of the best new freelancers and agencies with the help of the Rising Talent Badge. These new freelancers and agencies have strong backgrounds and expertise in their fields. This badge helps the client to trust new freelancers or agencies and assign them to work. So, this badge helps freelancers and agencies to get a good reputation in front of clients and get work from clients.

For the Rising Talent Badge, Upwork will inform you via email that you are qualified to get the badge and Rising Talent Badge has been added to your profile. So, you don’t need to take any action. Upwork will add this badge automatically if you will fulfill all the requirements for getting this badge.

Requirements for Rising Talent Badge (For Freelancers)

To get the Rising Talent Badge, you should make sure of the following steps.

  • Firstly, you should always complete the project on time as you decided with your client.
  • You should complete your profile completely with all the skills and any experience of working related to the offered skill.
  • Your availability status should be up-to-date.
  • You should submit the proposals regularly for only those jobs related to your skills.
  • You should always follow the Terms of Services of Upwork.
  • You should remain active in the last 90 days or join In the last 30 days. 

These are the basic requirements that should be fulfilled for getting a Rising Talent Badge. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a Rising Talent Badge.

Requirements for Rising Talent Badge (For Agencies)

If the agency on Upwork wants to get the Rising Talent Badge, the agency should follow the following steps.

  • There should be two or more team members in the agency.
  • You should maintain a 100% complete agency profile.
  • The profile of the owner of the agency should be complete and up-to-date.
  • You should maintain 60% or higher average profile completeness across all the agencies. 

So, many factors contribute to getting the Rising Talent Badge. The Client feedback, the overall strength of your profile, your educational background, and even the opportunities available in the market contribute to getting the Rising Talent Badge on Upwork.

Sometimes, it may take about 48 hours to see the Rising Talent Badge on your profile.

Benefits of Rising Talent Badge

Following are the benefits that can be enjoyed with the Rising Badge

  • A Rising Talent Badge that is displayed on your profile reduces fees (starting from 10%) only on featured jobs
  • This Rising Talent Badge also gives you a one-time bonus of 30 free Connects to help you apply for and get more jobs.
  • The ability to offer consultations to share expertise with the clients.
  • Also, access to Chat and ticket support from Upwork’s Specialized customer support team

If you have a good work history, you can automatically move from the Rising Talent Badge to the Job Success Store (JSS). After the Job Success Store, you can move towards the Top Rated Status.

How can you lose your Rising Talent Badge?

Yes, you can also lose your Rising Talent Badge. The following are the reasons why you can lose your Rising Talent Badge.

  • If you move to the next step, “Job Success Score”, you can get the benefits of the Job Success Score, and you will lose Rising Talent Badge. You can also start working towards earning a “Top Rated Badge”.
  • You can also lose the Rising Talent Badge if you continuously get negative client feedback.

What will happen if the Rising Talent Badge is removed? Can you get it again?

Yes, you can get your Rising Talent Badge back if you lost your Rising Talent Status only due to violating the Terms of Service. If you become active again, it will take 90 days to requalify.

What’s after the Rising Talent Badge?

After achieving the Rising Talent badge, you can move to the next step, the Job Success Store(JSS). After the Job Success Store, you can move towards the Top-Rated status. In the Top-Rated Status Plus, your profile will be ranked among the Top 10% of talent.

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In conclusion, the Upwork rising talent badge represents the talented freelancers who have just started on the platform. It helps freelancers to attract clients by demonstrating their skills. You will gain more visibility; due to this, your chance of getting hired will be higher than others. However, it is the initial step towards success, but you need to market yourself by delivering high-quality work and maintaining strong relationships with clients. So, be motivated and consistent and follow all the guidelines of this post; you will earn more money from this platform.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Rising talent is a badge that Upwork gives new members with the best potential in their field. They have a strong background with early success in their field.

It helps to reduce your fee on featured jobs (starting at 10%) on Upwork. You will get a one-time bounce of 30 free Connects. Access to chat and ticket support from Upwork.

  • Take and pass the Upwork Readiness Test.
  • Complete your projects on time.
  • Maintain a 100% complete profile.
  • Keep your availability up-to-date.
  • Submit proposals that match your skills.
  • Adhere to Upwork’s Terms of Service
  • You should be active in the past 90 days or joined in the past 30 days.