Why is the Upwork Account Suspended? Here Are 7 Reasons Why?

Upwork account suspension refers to the temporary or permanent deactivation of a freelancer’s account due to a violation of Upwork’s terms of service. It is a serious matter that impacts a freelancer’s career and earnings. To navigate this challenging situation effectively, it is crucial to understand the reasons behind the Upwork account suspension and take preventive measures.

Is your Upwork account suspended?

It is frustrating for a freelancer if his income relies on Upwork. But why did your Upwork account get suspended? There are numerous reasons for the suspension of the account. In this article, we will talk about all the reasons and how we can avoid these mistakes.

Reasons Why Your Upwork Account Was Suspended?

Whenever a freelancer faces account suspension on Upwork, it’s common for them to believe that their situation is unique and hasn’t happened before. However, In reality, most Upwork accounts get suspended on the platform due to some solid reasons.

Let’s go through the reasons in more detail

Multiple accounts

It is mentioned very clearly in Upwork terms of services that a freelancer can make only a single account in their Gmail account. If you are operating multiple accounts on Upwork, you will be caught by Upwork, and your account will be suspended.

No matter whether you are a top-rated or new seller. Whether you use a different IP address, Upwork will find out for you. As discussed earlier, operating multiple accounts on Upwork is a serious offense, and you will likely be caught.

Paid outside of the Upwork

Many freelancers try to get paid outside of the upwork to save up work fees etc. In Upwork terms of service, it is very clearly written that one can take payment out of the platform. If you violate this Upwork policy, you will be banned from Upwork,

Another is that if you have an Upwork direct contract and work with site clients, you can receive payment outside of the work.

Proposal Spam

Many freelancers use the same templates for submitting a short proposal, but this is the wrong way. Send the same proposal again and again, is not good for you. This will suspend your Upwork. Templates are good, but you should use some unique words. Optimize your proposal according to the client’s need, then your account will not be banned, and you get a job on Upwork.

Proposal spam could be more effective and needs to be addressed by clients most of the time.

Low Hire Rate

Hire rates on Upwork depends on your skills and communication. Send an effective proposal is very crucial to get the client’s attention. In recent years Upwork has been trying to remove the lower-quality freelancer. Upwork has implemented measures to identify low-quality freelancers by their hiring rate.

For example, you send 100 proposals daily and do not get hired. It means your skills or services could be better. In this case, freelancers are unable to grab attention. Upwork determines that freelancers need to be up to the client’s standard and are removed from Upwork.

Poor performance and Client feedback

Client feedback and reviews are very important for your Upwork account’s health. It will also determine your Job Success Score. Getting too much negative feedback from the client is very bad for you. So there is no choice but to Upwork and then ban your account. This only happens sometimes, but you are near to disaster if you receive negative feedback continuously.

If your Upwork account has been suspended due to negative client reviews, this could likely be the underlying cause. Regrettably, if poor client feedback is the reason, it’s crucial to note that there is still time to improve those ratings. At this stage, you won’t have the opportunity to receive better feedback.”

Client Harassment

It is very important to get positive feedback from the clients. You can ask for a review if a client needs to remember to give feedback. However, If you request the client, it doesn’t mean the client will enter you.

The client also considers this request a freelancer’s weakness and tries to harass the freelancer. Upwork is taken very seriously to client harassment. Getting positive reviews is very important, but you must always convince the client to leave good reviews.


Similar to other online platforms, Upwork performs regular purges to remove inactive accounts from its platform. This process usually involves suspending inactive accounts. Therefore, if your account has been suspended, it may be that it was due to a prolonged period of inactivity.

Please sign in to your Upwork account regularly. You don’t necessarily need to do so daily, but logging in every week or two is sufficient to keep your account active. Additionally, it is beneficial to demonstrate activity on the platform by submitting proposals or other activities.

By staying engaged and active on Upwork, your account remains in good standing and avoids the risk of suspension due to prolonged inactivity.

How can you Avoid your Upwork Account Suspension?

Following the Upwork policies and guidelines is very important for maintaining a good account standing and avoiding account suspension. It helps you to provide security, safety, and fair treatment for both freelancers as well as the client.

However, violating these policies can lead you to suspend your Upwork account permanently or temporarily.

Tips for maintaining a good Upwork account:

  • Be aware of Upwork guidelines and policies
  • Give high-quality work within the deadline
  • Communicate professionally and clearly with the client
  • Respond quickly to messages from clients
  • Regularly review Upwork’s terms of service to ensure compliance and adapt to any changes
  • Continuously evaluate your freelancing journey and seek opportunities for growth

Dealing with Account Suspension

Unfortunately, if your Upwork account is suspended, it is essential to take Upwork Customer Support to understand why it has been banned. Upwork customer service support is available 24/7 for any issues or questions.


Account suspension on Upwork can be a challenging and frustrating experience for freelancers. However, you can navigate the difficulties by understanding the reasons behind suspension, taking precautions to avoid it, and effectively dealing with such situations. Remember to maintain professionalism, adhere to Upwork’s guidelines, and continuously improve your skills to ensure a successful freelancing career.

However, to maintain a trustworthy environment, Upwork has implemented certain rules and guidelines that users must adhere to. Please comply with these guidelines to avoid account suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When your Upwork account is permanently suspended, it is completely deleted from Upwork. In this case, you can’t contact Upwork customer support. It is interesting to note that not all accounts are suspended permanently. If your account is suspended for minor reasons, you can recover it by reaching customer support.

If permanently suspended, you can’t recover your account again.

You can only register up to one account. You can register for one account only once your original account is closed.

No, you can’t delete your suspended account. To delete your Upwork account, you will have to contact Upwork customer support.