Upwork Proposal Sample I How to Write a Winning Proposal on Upwork?

Every freelancer has a dream of winning a high-paying client on freelancing websites so that he may earn good money. There are many freelancing platforms, and each site has criteria for winning the project. As we discuss Upwork, we will learn about the Upwork Proposal Sample. You know competition on Upwork is tough, and standing out from the crowd can be challenging. However, with the right approach and a winning proposal, you can increase your chances of landing the job.

Are you a freelancer on Upwork looking for a client? You are in the best place to win the Client on Upwork by writing a smart proposal.

How can you write a smart Upwork Proposal to win the Client?

Many freelancers work with high-paying clients, but how do they get the project on Upwork? Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science; you must play with your proposal on Upwork. This article discusses how you can write a good Upwork Proposal. Looks no further. Let’s start.

We will cover this article:

  • What is an Upwork Proposal?
  • How to write an effective Upwork proposal that attracts clients?
  • Mistakes to avoid while writing a proposal
  • Upwork proposal sample
  • How do you get your first Upwork client? 

What is an Upwork Proposal?

An Upwork proposal is a small application you submit and convince clients you are the best fit for the posted job. In this message, you Introduce yourself by writing about your strengths and experience according to the Client’s requirements. You explain all critical points why clients should hire you. You highlight all the key points in the proposal related to your services and how you can solve their problems. This will help to win the interest of clients.

How to Write a Winning Upwork Proposal?

You need to make three parts of your proposal while writing the start, middle, and end.

1. Start your Upwork Proposal

In the first sentence, you will show you have read the job post. This is very important instead of writing more about yourself. Most people start like this Hi, My name is Anthony, and I’m —–.Everyone does like this, but you need to become more smart. It is very boring for a client to read the same content from all sides because your competitor is also applying for the same job.

It would help if you started to like this,” Hi, I read your Job posting, and it seems like you need——.”This is much better for you because the Client will understand if you read the job post carefully.

Talking about the Client’s requirements and project before talking about yourself is also very interesting. Because it lets them know you are interested in the work. Some freelancers Copy and paste the same material to every Client. They ignore it and move toward the next proposal.

Show your Understanding and Interest in the Work

It’s very good to think about things from your Client’s perspective. You should know the reasons why he will hire you. A good proposal focuses more on the Client’s needs than the freelancer’s history. Make sure to mention all key points that help solve your Client’s problem and your interest in the project. Prove that you are the best for doing this project. That’s all from the starting side. 

You will also see some Upwork proposal samples at the end.

2. Middle of an Upwork Proposal

You have to cover two things in the main body of your proposal.

Professional Qualification

Firstly, you need to tell about your background, such as:

  • Your qualification
  • How much experience do you have
  • Your previous work on a similar project
  • Do you have any past work in the same niche?

Keep it short, within five sentences need to tell the history; they don’t have much time to see your boring activity.

Include a Unique Selling Point

In the 2nd part, you have to show your expertise and how you can prove the best fit for the job and provide value to the clients. Consider the following things while writing.

  • How can you provide value to your Client
  • What do you do better than other
  • How can you improve his business

You may add sentences such as “I recently completed a similar project for this company, and the result was —–.” Say something interesting to show them you are an expert.

3. End your Upwork Proposal

If you followed the above two steps, you are doing great work, but remember your proposal must be short and sweet.

Asking questions is very important to attract the Client to your profile. There are two ways to end your Upwork proposal.

Ask about the Client’s Website etc

Ask the Client if you have any websites so I can learn more about the project and understand your needs better. The Client would like to answer your question in this way.

Call to Action

This is the traditional way to tell clients about a reply when free. For example  

  • Let me know to discuss more about the project. 
  • Let’s get started on your project today! Contact me to discuss your requirements and how I can help you achieve your goals.
  • I’m ready to hear about your project and help you bring it to life. Let’s connect and get started right away!

Mistakes to Avoid in Upwork Proposal

1. Don’t Write too long 

Try to keep your Upwork proposal Short as much as you can. Write it up to 150 words. After posting the job, clients get 50-plus proposals in a single day. Does he have much time to read long proposals?

So, keep it clear and concise. Save your time and theirs.

2. Don’t paste

Freelancers are worried about why they are not getting Jobs on Upwork. They learn the skills by spending a lot of time, but when they find the opportunity on Upwork, they need to figure out why they don’t write customized proposals. They copy and paste and submit the same garbage to the client. Nobody will hire you for this attitude. 

So, Avoid this copy-paste material; make your content 100,150 words for your Upwork proposal. This will help you to attract the Client.

3. Don’t make it all About You

Another issue is to talk less about yourself. The Client has posted a job to solve their problem. The average freelancer talks more about themselves and doesn’t care about the clients. It seems boring. You are here to tell how you can solve a client’s problem. The Client does care about only his project. He doesn’t like to listen to stories.

And Address the Client by his real name. It will be helpful to capture the attention of clients.

Share The site portfolio link and your past work sample

While submitting the proposal on Upwork, remember to share your previous similar work sample. This will help the Client to create a better understanding of you.

Another thing is that you can attach the external portfolios/websites before sending the Upwork proposal. It’s fine to share because it includes your contact information and professional background history. But make sure to contact the clients via only Upwork.

I am attaching a website link beingassaitant.com.you can view additional work regarding content writing on freelancing.”

4. Make sure your Upwork Profile is Relevant to Your Proposal

Make sure you write an effective proposal that meets the requirements of the Client. You ask questions, give suggestions, and sound like an expert. You can have all the expertise. But if clients look at your profile history and feedback, your Upwork profile must back up what you are saying.

Pro Tips

  • Add much information in your Upwork profile related to the Client’s need, not more about you, just like the Upwork proposal.
  • Be an expert, not a generalist. People want to hire experts who will solve their problems quickly. This will help you to get more projects in the future.
  • Start with interesting content instead of I’m a —, my name is —- and I have been working —-You can start with that positive comment of your past clients.
  • Ask good questions from the Client about timelines, projects, or business information.

How can I get my first Upwork Client?

The important step to start your journey as a freelancer is to apply with an Upwork proposal. There is tough competition on Upwork for beginners. After posting the job, the Client read dozens of proposals and ignored the garbage. 

As newbies, you must write an effective proposal to land the first. Send compelling proposals every day until you get the job. Keep trying again and again. This will separate you from those who give up.

Difference between an Upwork Proposal and a Cover Letter

The Upwork proposal targets the specific job or project and addresses the Client’s needs and concerns. In an Upwork proposal, you tell the Client how you can solve the Client’s problem. An Upwork cover letter is the same as a proposal where you introduce yourself in detail with relevant skills and experience and tell them why clients should hire you.

Know more about Upwork Cover letter via this link…


Upwork Proposal Sample

The following is the Upwork proposal where you can get help while writing in your niche. Try to use this format to write effective proposals on Upwork in the future. If you get a benefit, comment below to motivate another freelancer.

“Help Others Achieve Their Dream, And You Will Achieve Yours”

Upwork Proposal Sample 1:

For Content Writing 

Hi Rukshan,

I just read your post about article writing. It seems like you need an expert article writer who will write high-quality and SEO-optimized content at a reasonable price.

I have been writing for 2 years for websites like yours. You can see my published article on this website: www.beingassistant.com. I am leaving the links to my blogs that demonstrate my ability.

Website Article#1

Website Article #2

I will work with you on article writing. Let me know if my Upwork profile sounds interesting, and set a schedule to discuss the project more.

Best regards,

Muhamad Usman

Upwork Proposal Sample 2:

For Graphic Designing

Hello Max,

I just read about the project. It sounds like you need a graphic designer who creates high-quality designs that will elevate your brand.

I have 2 years of experience in graphic design. I have worked with numerous clients to make designs that align with their brand and vision.

You aim to create a visually appealing design that grabs your audience’s attention. I will use my expertise in typography, color theory, and composition to create a design that stands out from the competition.

I am attaching some samples of my work for your review. If you’re curious, let me know when you will be available this week to discuss the project.

Thank you for considering my proposal.

Best Regards,

Faizan Rasheed

Upwork Proposal Sample 3:

For SEO Expert

Hi, I read your posting and found out you are looking for a freelancer who can do On-page and Off-page SEO for your website. I am the person who can do On Page and Off Page SEO to take your business to the next level. 

We want to propose a comprehensive SEO package that includes both on-page and off-page optimization techniques designed to improve your website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages.

I have more than 1 year of experience optimizing websites for search engines, and we are confident that we can deliver the results you seek. Each business is unique, so that we will tailor our SEO strategy to the Client’s needs and goals.

If my profile looks interesting, let’s schedule a time to learn about your questions or concerns regarding my SEO Services. Would you like to send a link to your website? It will be better for me to understand more about the task.

Best Regard,

M Usman


Upwork is one of the great and most competitive marketplaces in the world. You can be hired as a Freelancer by bidding and by writing Upwork proposals Sample. On each job, dozens of freelancers apply, and you must compete with all to get the job by following the above instructions.

As you know, It’s only possible to go on some proposals. So, the Client only goes on those proposals that look attractive and interesting to read.

So, you should do what is needed while writing the Upwork proposal because, based on your proposal, you will be selected for an interview. Another important thing is to add work experience to your proposal.

If you write a proposal with all calculations, there is much more chance that you will be shortlisted and get a Job. This will help you to make good money on Upwork.