Top 10 Freelancing Countries With Fastest Growing Earning

Have you ever thought about where we can hire a successful freelancer? In this article, the stats of the top freelancing countries are mentioned, so keep reading about all the best freelancing countries in 2024 until you get a bundle of knowledge.

In freelancing, individuals can work as self-employed and offer their services contractually. It is the most rewarding thing in the World. However, freelancing has grown in the last few years and has become more popular worldwide. We can make our work needful from anywhere in the World. 

Top 10 Fastest Growing Freelancing Countries in the World  

From the whole World, certain countries have become rising freelancing stars and built a good name in 2024. The freelancer of these countries can assist in generating a powerful business for their clients. These are the top 10 fastest-growing freelancing countries in the World:


In the United States, freelancing earnings have a big portion, which increased quickly to 78% from 2018 to 2024

. There are 73.3% million freelancers in the USA, expected to increase by 76.4% million in 2024. The average salary of a freelancer in the USA is $33 per hour.


The World’s second-fastest-growing top freelancing country is the United Kingdom. Its earnings increased by 59% year on year. The number of freelancers increased by 31% last year. So, the average salary of a freelancer is $31,409 per year in the UK.


In Brazil, more than 25 million people are working as self-employed, and freelancing has been continuously growing for the last few years in Brazil. Its freelancing earnings have increased up to 48%. In addition, the working rates of Brazilians are usually lower than in other top freelancing countries like the United States and Europe.


Pakistan is the 4th largest freelancing country in the World. It is reported that Pakistan earned $397 million in the Fiscal year 2021-2022. It had been growing rapidly, up to 48% in 2024

. In Pakistan’s employment freelancing project, 12,000 young people who completed it earned $6,87,324.12 (about 14 crores PKR), boosting the country’s economy and reducing unemployment.


The number of freelancers in Ukraine rose by 36% last year. The young generation in Ukraine has gained popularity due to their good IT and online services skills. These people are experts in dealing with European and Western clients.


Philippines freelancers offer a low cost for their services. It has been in the top freelancing countries for the last few years. Its past year freelancing earnings are up to 35%.


Almost 15 million people are working as freelancers in India. Below 25 years of age, most present freelancers are Indian. So, it increased by 25% income last year as a freelancing country. India’s government is dedicated to giving more freelancing learning opportunities to the young generation.


Freelancing in Bangladesh is growing rapidly in top freelancing countries, generating more than 27% from last year. The main cause of growing freelancing is 96.2% of young freelancers. Each individual generates an average monthly income of $60 per month. It is the emerging freelancing country in the World.


The freelancing revenue of Russia has grown by 20% in the past year. More than 18 million workers in Russia were independent contractors in 2022. In the last few years, the number of freelancers in Russia has significantly increased.


Serbia is rapidly growing in the top 10 freelancing countries, and its earnings increased by 19%. It is considered the most reputed freelancing country in Europe due to its larger portion of the freelancing workforce.

Share % in Online Earning of Each Country

As you know, we read all the top countries in Pakistan above. These are the online earning Percentage of each country in the chart:

%Share in Online Earning of Each Country
%Share in Online Earning of Each Country


In conclusion, these are all the top freelancing countries in the World of digitalization with a great freelancing workforce. From the above stats, it has been shown that the Asian market has much more contribution to online earnings. They will improve more in the future. So, this is the right time to learn to freelance and earn a healthy livelihood.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

According to global distribution, the United States, the Uk, and Pakistan hire more freelancers.

The USA is the fastest-growing country, and there are 73.3 million top-rated freelancers in the USA. They all are earning handsome amounts per hour.

Today, the total worth of the freelancer industry is $3.39 billion. From this revenue, you can imagine the potential in the freelancing industry, especially for youth.

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