15 Best Tips to Get Your Orders on Fiverr

Do you know how to win/get orders on Fiverr? Getting orders on Fiverr is tricky for new sellers. Because the number of sellers is increasing day by day, the competition is also increasing.

So it mean that new sellers cannot get orders on Fiverr? No, It doesn’t mean. But you should think about how you should present yourself differently and more valuable than your competitors in front of buyers.

This article will explain all the step-by-step tricks that are very helpful in getting orders. If you follow these tricks, you can compete with your competitors and get orders on Fiverr. So, read this article properly and don’t skip any part if you want to know about tricks to get orders on Fiverr.

Tips for Getting Orders on Fiverr

Following are the tips that are very helpful in getting orders on Fiverr.

1. Select your Niche

There are hundreds of thousands of gigs on Fiverr, and you cannot go to that marketplace that has thousands of gigs already because it will be difficult for you to compete with thousands of competitors. 

For example, if you search for the “Product Research” service, there will be thousands of search results on that keyword.

Keyword research on Fivver

It will be difficult for you to compete with this keyword. So, it would be best to make your service more specific to target a niche audience. For example, if you search with “Amazon Product Research for PL”, search results are 4654, less than 8206 with the keyword “Product Research”. 

Keyword research on Fivver

So, it means that you should choose a keyword that is more specific to a target audience and has less competition; the keyword “Amazon Product Research for PL” is more specific and has less competition than the keyword “Product Research”.

2. Provide a Unique Service

There will be competitors in all fields. But you should know how to compete. You should know about your competitors and what kind of services they offer to their clients. It would be best if you give something extra along with the services of your competitors.

For example, if you are a Logo designer, you should offer some unique styles to your clients that stand out from competitors. Similarly, if you are a Product Researcher, you should provide a winning product to your client and a Competitor Analysis and Market Analysis of that product.

All packages of Fivver

3. Skill Up

Nothing can beat experience. If you have skills related to a particular service, you should get certificates for that skill from the well-reputed institutes of your city or country, and it will help if you put those certificates on your profile.

It will help you to win the trust of new customers, and you will get orders on Fiverr easily. 

For example, if you are interested in Amazon and have some certificates related to Amazon courses, you should put those certificates in your profile.

shared activity information on fivver

4. Show your Work

The best way to win a client’s trust is to show your recent work instead of saying that you can do it or you are the best person. Always your work speaks. 

So, if you are a new seller, prepare some samples to show your client to win the client’s trust and get orders on Fiverr.

For Example: If you are a content writer, you should prepare some samples of your writing skills. You should share this experience with your client. As you are new on Fiverr, if you show your experience to the client, your client will easily trust you to complete the task.

show your portfolio on fivver

So, you can share your recent work on your profile, which will always boost your clients’ trust.

5. Promote Gig on Social Media

In today’s world, social media is the best tool to increase your business. It will help if you share your gig on different social media platforms. By Sharing your gig on social media, it will be more easily accessible to a large number of audiences.

Promoting gigs on social media will help you get the first order easily as you will get many impressions and clicks, which will also help your gig rank among the others.

Promote Gig on Social Media

6. Start at a Low Price

We should always start with a low price to compete with others. On Fiverr, there are thousands of sellers on each service. So, as a new seller, you should put less price on your service than your competitors because the most valuable thing in Fiverr for beginners is to get reviews, and it’s not worth it if your client leaves you without giving reviews.

So, the most important thing on Fiverr is getting reviews for the next orders on Fiverr. You should put the least price for your service; if you are a content writer, you should put the least 5 dollars. But if you are an App developer, you should put the lowest price according to that service and your competitors because putting 5 dollars for App development makes no sense.

7. Gig Images and Videos

You should put eye-catching images and videos on your profile that will explain your service because gig images and videos get a first impression from your client.

You should make professional images and videos, and this will explain that you are a serious seller. Sometimes, people use stolen or other images and videos, which will negatively impact your profile, and sometimes your profile can be banned too.

You should make images and videos that will show you are professional.

8. Gig Description

A good gig description will explain your service and convince the buyer to buy your service. So, you should always describe your gig carefully to get orders on Fiverr, and the gig description is the second impression of the buyer.

Many people make many grammar and spelling mistakes while writing the description for the gig. It will always create a negative impact on buyers, and ultimately it will affect your profile.

A good gig description will not only help buyers to know completely about you and your service but will also convince the buyer to place an order. So, gig descriptions play an important role in getting orders on Fiverr.

9. Answer Commonly Asked Questions 

Fiverr provides a section for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) where you should address the possible queries of your buyer. These queries can be related to your service. So, explain all the finer details and possible queries of your buyer regarding your service in the FAQs section.

For example, if you provide services for Amazon Product Research, possible FAQs can be shown in the image below.

Answer Commonly Asked Questions of fivver

10. Be Active Often

It would be best if you always try to be active on Fiverr, as being active on Fiverr will help you to get more opportunities in the form of getting orders on Fiverr. Being active on Fiverr is not difficult, but you should install the Fiverr app on your mobile and have an internet connection.

Communicate Effectively

Is there a need to open the Fiverr app to appear online?

Absolutely No. Only keeping your mobile phone connected to the internet is enough to be active on Fiverr, and make sure to turn the active button on the app in the App Settings. After that, you will see a green dot on your profile picture showing that you are online at that time for buyers.

11. Reach out to Fiverr Buyer Requests

Fiverr buyer requests are a list of requirements that buyers submit to Fiverr. Some buyers prefer to invite sellers to their requirements instead of finding a gig that meets them.

You can find the buyer requests in the “More” menu on your profile page. These buyer requests are only visible to Level 1 sellers at all times, and buyer requests are also visible to the new sellers for a very short time. So, you should monitor buyer requests and respond to them immediately before it disappears. Buyer requests are also helpful for getting the first order on Fiverr, but if you respond to buyer requests timely before disappearing buyer requests permanently. 

12. Communicate Effectively

We should understand the value of good communication. You should reply to your clients quickly and effectively to give them proof that you have enough capabilities to do their tasks,

If you communicate properly, then you will not only get orders on Fiverr, but you will also get reviews from buyers, and you will get repeat buyers.

Fiverr also values effective communication, which is one of its rating points.

Communicate Effectively

13. Give Something Free

It would be best if you also give something extra in your service that is free of cost. For example, provide services for product research. You can give competitor analysis, market analysis, and verified supplier details free of cost, as it will leave a good impression on buyers. So, you can easily get orders on Fiverr.

Fivver gig package

14. Address Sellers by their Names

Always address the buyers by name instead of Sir or Madam. Because you are providing service to them, they are taking your service and not giving you any extra favor. So, always try to address them by their names.

Most buyers also like this because they don’t like formalities, so you should follow this to get orders on Fiverr, as it’s an important step of communication.

15. Read Buyer Reviews

Before finally responding to any buyer, read their reviews properly. What do the other people say about that buyer? If the buyer has good reviews, then you should go towards taking orders. If the buyer has mostly negative reviews, you should avoid that buyer.


Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace where sellers offer digital services to buyers. There is a huge competition on Fiverr, and this competition is increasing day by day. So, to get orders on Fiverr and compete with other sellers on Fiverr, one should go with full technique. So, if someone follows the tips mentioned above, it will be easy for him to get orders on Fiverr and compete with the other sellers. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

You get no orders on Fiverr because your profile is not so attractive to get clicks, and you also do not remain online most of the time.

Fiverr charges 20% as a fee on your earnings as a seller. For Example: If you complete any task for 10$, Fiverr will give you 8$, and 2$ Fiverr will deduct as a fee.

By following the following points, you can get more orders on Fiverr.

  • Select your Niche
  • Provide a Unique Service
  • Skill Up
  • Show your Work
  • Promote Gig on Social Media
  • Start at a low price
  • Gig images and videos
  • Gig Description
  • Answer Commonly Asked Questions 
  • Be Active Often
  • Reach out to Fiverr Buyer Requests
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Give Something Free
  • Address Sellers by their Names
  • Read Buyer Reviews