Pakistan No 1 Blogger Tanveer Nandla

Giving up can be an easy option when faced with challenges or failures. It can be the biggest obstacle to achieving our goals and realizing our potential. However, it is essential to remember that failure is the first step toward success. We should try again and again until we succeed. If we want to progress or succeed, we should work with patience, passion, and persistence because hard work always pays back. Tanveer Nandla is persistent and gives time to their work.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

The above phrase best suits Tanveer Nandla, who never loses hope and builds strong confidence. Now, he is teaching the programming language to the students and playing the role of lecturer at Bahaudin Zikria University Multan. From the beginning, he was interested in Copmuter, and luckily he got admission. His father did not support him, so he paid his first fee by getting the loan, and that day, he promised himself to earn a minimum of 1 lakh before completing his degree. That day was not far away when he earned six figures.

How did Tanveer Nandla achieve this, and how did he become a lecturer at BZU and make the company Mwebs?

This article is about the successful journey of Tanveer Nandla, So keep reading this blog to be inspired by him and prepare yourself for the world of freelancing.

Early stages of Life

Tanveer Nandla passed his matriculation exam from his hometown. Due to securing low marks in FSC, he was admitted to BS IT at BZU Multan. He was interested in Computer language, HTML, and CSS. In class, he was a very active student. Due to his passion and work, his teacher assigned him to make or upgrade the website of BZU Multan. Tanveer made this website perfectly. His teacher was amazed to see his work and suggested he do this at a professional level. At the end of 2009, he earned a handsome amount, which gave him more confidence. He completed his degree in 2010.

His Journey Toward Success

Tanveer Nandla created his first account on Google Adsense when he used to pay PKR 10 per hour for using the internet, which was costly then. After some time, he was amazed to see when he got his first earning of $63, and this was the turning point toward his success that motivated him. He also made his first website,, and got traffic quickly, but for some reason, he lost his two accounts. Tanveer never lost his heart from his failure. He learned from his mistakes and knows these mistakes are an opportunity for him.

Tanveer Nandla made another account on AdSense. While working on it, he started to learn SEO to get some traffic. He applied his SEO strategies, and everything was going according to his plan. After his hard work and consistency, he crossed $100 plus the first time.

In an interview, Mr Tanveer Nandla said he earned $4500 daily through his sports-based website. He created this website in 2011 and used it to share activities about crickets and many more. He used all his new strategies and avoided his previous mistakes. This was a challenging task, he faced many challenges before this, and after all, he was known as a web entrepreneur.

In 2012, Tanveer Nandla launched his fashion-based website, which got millions of traffic briefly. From the second month to downward. This site started generating very much, and he flipped this website for $2500 on Flippa.

In 2014 he decided to share his knowledge with the youth and joined Bahauddin Zakariya, University Multan. He changed many students’ lives by teaching and sharing his experience. He gained popularity by earning $4500 daily and published his success story as a web entrepreneur in 2016. Now he is known as a Guru of SEO.

He is famous in Pakistan as a Web entrepreneur, SEO, and Top blogger. He is also the founder of Iskills. This platform gives training about several online skills.

Trainings by M Tanveer Nandla

Tanveer Nandla is giving the training, which is considered the world’s most result-oriented training known as SEBT. The success rate of his students is 77%, and his goal is to achieve $ 30 billion by 2030. His alumni’s assets’ cumulative worth is approximately PKR 400 plus billions. The training includes:

Trainings by M Tanveer Nandla
  • SEO/Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media
  • Freelancing
  • Content Writing
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • AdSense

If you want to know, you can explore these websites SEBT.

M Tanveer Nandla’s Awards

Tanveer Nandla received the following award from the government of Pakistan

  • Best Blogger of Pakistan Award 2019
  • Pride of Pakistan Award 2022

His Advice to Youth

M Tanveer believes that failure is the first step toward success. He learned from his mistakes, never lost hope, and achieved great success. Now he is known as the best blogger in Pakistan. He advised the youth.

M Tanveer Nandla Advice to Youth

“Future belongs to I.T. savvy youth of Pakistan, they should not be afraid of failure because it is only the first step towards success. They should define their goal maturely and work hard to chase that goal. They should recognize their skills and their calling and always follow what fascinates them”.