Steve Treviño Net Worth and How He Made $20 Million?

Full NameSteve Trevino
Net Worth$20 Million
Birth DateJanuary 16, 1978 – Texas
Age45 years
CountryUnited States
Source of IncomeComedian, Writer, and Producer

Who is Steve Trevino?

Steve Trevino is one of the best American comedians, known for his famous comedy show “Steve Trevino: Relatable” in 2014. He is also known as a writer and Producer.

Steve Trevino talks about values, traditions, and cultural differences, and he uses these topics to make people laugh. He also talks about marriage and politics in his comedy shows.

Steve is a famous standup comedian, so he has released three standup specials. One of these standups was “Showtime”, the second standup was released on Netflix, and the third standup is still available on “Amazon Prime Videos.”

Trevino married Renae Smith Trevino, and they have two children named Garett and Delilah. 

Steve Trevino’s Wife and Family

Steve Trevino married Renae Smith. The couple has two kids together, one boy, eight years old, and a daughter, born in 2020. His wife is also supporting him professionally as they started a weekly podcast called” The Captain Evil”. Their podcast generated 1.5 Million views.

renae smith

Steve Trevino’s Net Worth and How He Achieved This?

The total net worth of Steve Trevino is about $20 Million. As he is a well-known comedian, most of his income comes from his career as a comedian. He also earns money from writing and producing.

Steve is famous as “America’s favorite husband”. He is also earning from his YouTube channel. Steve Trevino is entertaining the audience on his YouTube channel with his standup comedy. He has 224K subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also earning from different ads.

As a comedian, Steve has earned a huge fan base with a handsome amount of money. Steve has become a role model for newcomers in comedy. 

YouTube Channel Stats

YouTube Channel NameSteve Trevino
Joining DateJune 10, 2009
Views 31,420,284 views
Number of videos361

Steve Trevino Career

Steve Trevino started his career at a concert in Corpus Christi as a comedian at the age of 19. He had his first professional career at the very young age of 19. At the start of his career, he was used to working for Addison Improv Club in Texas.

Then Steve arrived in Dallas and went for his first professional tour with “The Three Amigos”, a comedy tour with Pablo Francisco and the late Freddy Sotto. Trevino then moved to California, where he became one of the most famous young comedians as he led the Improv Comedy Club and then traveled to the whole country with the comedy franchise. 

He has also appeared in television series, including “Spirit of Mencia” in 2005, La Esquina in 2007, Grandpa Joe’s Son in 2012, and Relatable in 2014, which was streamed on Netflix. He was also seen in the Comedy Store, Improv, and Laugh Factory. 

In Francisco, the Doghouse Comedy Jam was one of his famous shows with the Jiants of comedy, including Dave Attell, Carlos Mencia, Dave Chappelle, and Jamie Foxx. As a writer and Producer, he teamed up with Brian Hartt and Vic Kaplan, respectively. He has also collaborated with organizations, including Rozone Productions, Free Reign, and the Dallas Cowboys heavy metal band. 

In 2021, Steve performed with Pitbull in front of more than 20,000 spectators at the Bert Ogden Arena. He has also appeared on the Emmy Awards and won “Extra” with Bill Bush.

YouTube video

Steve Trevino Television Appearances

2002USO Comedy Tour (TV Series)Stand-up Performance
2005–06Mind of MenciaWriter, performer
2005The Daily Buzz (TV Series) 
2006Comics UnleashedStand-up Performance
2007The Late Late Show with Craig FergusonStand-up Performance
2008Comedy. TVStand-up Performance
2008Pitbull’s La EsquinaProducer, writer
2010The Bob & Tom Show (TV Series)Stand-up Comedy Special: Showtime, writer, executive producer
2011Comedy TVStand-up Performance
2012Steve Treviño: Grandpa Joe’s SonStand-up Comedy Special: Showtime, writer, executive producer
2012Comedy UnfilteredStand-up Performance
2014Steve Treviño: RelatableStand-up Comedy Special: Netflix, writer, executive producer
2014That’s EntertainmentPanelist
2019Steve Treviño: ‘Til DeathStand-up Comedy Special: Amazon Prime, writer, executive producer
2020Steve Treviño: My Life in QuarantineStand-up Comedy Special: writer, executive producer

Key Takeaways from Steve Trevino’s Life

Following are the key points that you should learn from Steve Trevino’s life:

Create your own Opportunity

You should create opportunities for yourself. As Trevino is a comedian, he discovered his talent at a very young age. If you find your talent at the very start, you will be more focused on your field and move forward fast. Steve Trevino became one of the best comedians in the world with his talent and hard work. 

Steve Trevino stated in his interview that he didn’t wait for the opportunity to come but made the Opportunity for himself. So, Steve Trevino’s life is a lesson for all of us: you should create opportunities for yourself and work hard to achieve your goal.

Don’t let negativity come

Steve Trevino’s life teaches that don’t let negativity come. Don’t focus on what others say, but you should listen to yourself, leading Steve Trevino towards major success. 

The other reason for his remarkable success is that he didn’t allow challenges to overcome his hard work. 

Stay True to your beliefs

Steve Trevino stated that people should stand on their beliefs firmly to accomplish their mission. According to Steve Trevino, everyone should have a drive and a good work ethic to achieve what they want. Steve Trevino is an example that you should stand firmly on your goal, work hard, and stay positive. Ultimately you will succeed if you have a positive approach. 

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Steve Trevino was born on January 16.1978. So, he is 45 years old.

Steve Trevino married Renae Smith, and they have two children together.

The net worth of Steve Trevino is about $ 20 million.