Ricky Gutierrez Net Worth 2023: BioGraphy, Career, Cars, Income

Ricky Gutierrez Net Worth$5 Millions
Full NameRicky Gutierrez
Date of Birth 2-01-1995
CountryUnited States
Profession Youtube Star

Who is Ricky Gutierrez?

Ricky Gutierrez is a well-known YouTuber, Entrepreneur, and trader. He was born in Mexico on January 2, 1995, but later moved to the United States with his family. 

His father was contracting, so he joined his father’s business. But soon, he realized he did not like this work, so he found better ways to earn money.

Ricky attended Arizona State University to study technological entrepreneurship and management. But he wanted to grow his business, so he left university and gave all his energy to his business.

YouTube video

Ricky Gutierrez’s Early Life 

Ricky was born in a Hispanic family on January 2, 1995. He has three sisters and one brother. Firstly, his family moved from Mexico to California, Orange County. Then, he moved to the United States with his family. 

Real Name Ricky Gutierrez
Nick NameRicky
Marital Status Engaged
Fiance NameAdriana
SiblingsOne Brother – Roy Gutierrez, Three Sisters – Clara Gutierrez (The other two are unknown)

Ricky Gutierrez has a skinny body and has an oval shape.

Birth Date02-01-1995
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida, U.S.
Age28 Years
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight170 lbs (77Kg)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Hair StyleAlternative
Eye ColorBlack
Beard or MustacheBeardless
Skin typeFair

Ricky Gutierrez Career

Ricky Gutierrez started earning even before his college life. He started making money by his fingerboard venture to trade the penny stocks because he saw Timothy Sykes was making money by this. But unfortunately, Ricky lost money on his first attempt and then returned to trading.

Ricky was also earning money by buying the products at a lesser price and then selling these products on Amazon and eBay at higher prices. 

During college, he worked as a marketer, So Ricky became successful in day trading and real estate investing. Then, he traded stocks full-time and established his company, Techbud Solutions. It’s a peer-to-peer networking platform for investors and business-related people.

Ricky Gutierrez’s YouTube Channel 

Youtube Channel NameRicky Gutierrez
Channel LinkYoutube Link
Joined Date26 November 2015
Subscribers 1.14 Million
No.of videos 3.3K
Total views up to now102,253,920

His Income Sources

Following are the income sources through which Ricky is earning.


Ricky launched his YouTube channel on November 26, 2015. He teaches people about the Stock Market and Stock Trading through his channel.

He earns more than $200 per day from his YouTube channel, and his net worth is about $5 Million.


Ricky Gutierrez also earned huge money from trading and has expertise in trading. After their college education, Ricky started taking an interest in trading and started trading after gaining the required knowledge. As a day trader, he earns about $3000 or more daily.


Ricky also earned money by collaborating with various dealers. Ricky got 30%-40% profit by selling many motorcycles and other vehicles.


Ricky also earned money with the help of partnerships in multiple businesses. He earned a handsome amount through a partnership in different businesses. 

Ricky Gutierrez House 

Ricky Gutierrez bought a house in 2018 for $0.5 Million in Arizona, United States.  His house is 6000 square feet which has five bedrooms and a movie room.

Ricky Gutierrez Home

Ricky Gutierrez Cars

Ricky Gutierrez has a collection of beautiful multi-functional cars, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

Ricky Gutierrez car

His Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

Key Lessons from Ricky Gutierrez’s Success

1. Stay Persistent and Focussed

Ricky’s journey teaches us that if we are consistent and focused, we can succeed. Ricky started working for his father at a very young age. He aimed to be a successful person and earn money. So, he finds out different ways to make money.

Even though Ricky lost all his savings in trading earlier because he did not have experience, he did not lose hope. He remains consistent, and ultimately, he becomes a successful trader and investor.

2. Don’t hesitate to try new things

Ricky remained in multiple businesses. But he tried many other businesses too. Now Ricky is making money by trading, investing in real estate, and creating a YouTube channel. On YouTube channel, he makes videos of different online courses for his followers. He is also teaching his followers how to succeed in the stock market. 

So, his life teaches us to take advantage of every opportunity.

3. Continuous Learning

Ricky Gutierrez teaches us that continuous learning is so important for continuous growth. If you are doing any business or job, if you develop a habit of continuous learning, you can succeed. 

Ricky Gutierezz’s life is a symbol of continuous learning because he also failed at the starting time when he lost all his savings in trading, but he didn’t stop. He learned and moved forward, and ultimately, he became successful.

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

It is estimated that his net worth is $5 Million.

Ricky Gutierrez is the youngest American stock trader who made millions of dollars from this business.

His main shares are in Twitter, Tesla, and Peloton and he has a strong belief these companies will perform well over a long period.

Following are the key lessons from Ricky Gutierrez’s success.

  • Stay Persistent and Focused
  • Don’t hesitate to try new things
  • Continuous Learning

He is also doing some other business such as reselling vehicles at 30% profit, trading, and running his YouTube channel. From YouTube, he earns daily more than $200. This contributed a lot to his net worth.