Chanel West Coast Net Worth and How She Made Her Empire

Chanel West Coast is a famous TV personality, Singer, and Rapper. I am always eager to know about her net worth and the secret behind her success. But today, I have learned about Chanel West Coast’s net worth and achievements, which you will also know in today’s post.

So, keep reading this article from start to finish to learn some interesting facts about Chanel West.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth

As of 2023, Chanel West Coast made a net worth of $3 million. She earned this wealth as a singer and rapper. Her Television Career plays a significant role in her Net Worth.

Name Chanel West Coast
Net Worth$3 Million
ProfessionSInger,Raper and T.V Pesronality
Date of BirthSep 1, 1988
Age34 years
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA

Net worth Growth

Recorded Net WorthYear
$0.2 million2010
$0.5 million2014
$1.5 million2017
$2 million2018
$2.5 million2021
$3 million2023
Net worth Growth
Net worth Growth

Who is Chanel West Coast

Chanel West Coast is a renowned American TV personality. She is also a singer and serves as co-host of MTV’s Ridiculousness. Chanel earned a good name in the music industry by releasing many albums and singles to her name.

She earned a major part of her income as a TV personality.

Real NameChelsea Chanel Dudley
Known As Chanel West Coast
ReligionDom Fenison
Height5 feet 2 inch
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Ethnicity Russian
Zodiac SignVirgo
Her DaughterBowie Breeze.
Father nameJamie Dudley
Mother namePenny Porsche

Early Life

Chelsea Chanel Dudley was born on Sep 1, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She also spent her childhood in North Hollywood city. Because her mother and father were living separately, she had to live half-time with her father and half-time with her mother.

Due to her father, she developed an interest in Music because her father was a DJ. She became interested in rap music and took dancing and singing classes at the age of 14. She created her rap. Chelsea Chanel Dudley attended school education only for a few years, and then she left school and started taking classes with homeschooling.

Her Career

Chanel West Coast has a prominent career in Television, Music, and Real Estate.

Television Career

At the age of 20, Chanel met Rob Dyrdek, and she started working for Rob as a receptionist while Rob Dyrdek was doing his famous show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”. Rob Dyrdek helped Chanel debut by working as an actress in “The Hard Time of RJ Berger” show. She started appearing in a variety of MTV shows. Rob Dyrdek also took Chanel with her in his show ” Ridiculousness”. Ridiculousness is a reality show where the hosts review different online videos.

She also appeared in the fifth season of “Fantasy Factory”.Now she also has established herself as a voice actor with a role in “Wild Grinders”.She has also booked a role on the fourth season of “Love &Hip-Hop: Hollywood.”

In March 2023, after signing a deal with Paramount, Chanel announced to leave “Ridiculousness.”

She gained significant fame while playing different roles on MTV.

  • From 2009 to 2015, she appeared in the reality TV show “Rob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory”.
  • She has been performing and co-hosting Ridiculousness on MTV since 2011
  • Acted as a sheila in The Hard Times of RJ Berger in 2011.
  • Chanel Played the Character of Flipz on Wild Grinders shows from 2012 to 2015.
  • In 2017 Hollywood, She also served in the reality series Love & Hip Hop.  
  • In 2018, she appeared as Fear Factor in the episode Hip-Hop Battle.

Music Career

Chanel was also interested in Music, and in 2009, Chanel started working with different music artists, she recorded her debut song “Melting like Ice Cream” with Tiffanie Anderson. She recorded her next songs, including “PHAMOUS” and “I Love Money”.

She was signed by Lil Wayne in 2012 to his record label “Young Money Entertainment”.She also collaborated with other artists, including French Montana, Robin Thicke, and Snoop Dogg.

Chanel mixtape with the name “WAVES,” and this mixtape features B-Real and YG. She announced her studio album in 2014 and released tracks like “Blueberry Chills”.Now Chanel began to release tracks like “Bass in the Trunk” and “Miles and Miles” over the next few years.

Real Estate

Chanel West Coast also invested in real estate as, in 2019, she purchased a $1.65 Million property in the Hollywood Dell neighborhood of Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. In 2018, the home was freshly renovated, with 2600 square feet of living space. This home has Stucco flooring, Hardwood floors, and a 2-car garage, and these luxuries add more beauty to the house.

She gained significant fame.  

These all are the achievements of West Coast that made him a millionaire TV personality.

Personal Life

The Chanel West Coast has not married yet, but he has been dating his love Dom Fenison since early 2022. He is an entrepreneur and model. West Coast gave birth to a baby girl, Bowie Breeze. They both are living happily with their daughter.

Chanel West Coast daughter

Chanel West House and Cars

She is living in a luxury house with his boyfriend and daughter, which is located in Los Angeles, Calif. It has an area of 2600 square feet, having beautiful bedrooms and baths. The price of her house is $1.65 million. She has some branded and expensive cars, such as Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes SLK55 AMG, and Audi 8 L . These cars are trendy among celebrities.

Chanel West Coast cars

Social Media Profiles

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
Social Media ProfilesSubscribers/Followers 
Facebook5.2 million
Instagram3.7 million
Twitter800k plus
Tiktok1.3 million
Snapchat1.4 million
Youtube413k Plus

Tik Tok

There are 1.3 million plus followers on Chanel West’s TikTok account. He creates different video content, such as dancing, brand promotion, music videos, fashion, etc.


She has more than 3.7 million followers on Instagram. She posts her Fashion snaps and dancing videos.


Chanel West also has 800k plus followers. Recently, she uploaded photos of her pregnancy. She shares the same content on Twitter as Instagram and Facebook.


Like Instagram, she shares much content related to his personal and professional life to attract the audience. On FB, she has 5.2 million plus followers. Her fans gradually increase as she makes the content by looking at her audience. It will attract more audience to her other social media accounts.

Snap chat

You can also find her on Snapchat. She has more than 1.45 million subscribers.

Key Lesson from Her Success

Chanel’s West Coast has not gently spent her childhood. She spent most of her time in nightclubs and once he was fallen victim to smoking marijuana at the age of 11. At 14, she started to write rap and Music and began her career professionally on MTV as a TV personality.

Enhance Your Network

Chanel began her career as a receptionist. Then Chanel West’s friends introduced her to the TV personality “Rob Drydek”. This was a very successful meeting that helped her to grow her career, online presence, and profile.

She made her network with different kinds of people and explored many opportunities.

Connect with Good People

Having good friends is a great blessing from God. Chanel West Coast has good and trustworthy friends who supported her initially. We should also make good relations with good friends. They can understand our feelings and emotions and support us accordingly.

Go with Flow

As the West Coast was fond of Music. She wrote and composed Music. But she started her career as a TV personality and gained fame in this profession. Because she chose hosting as her Passion and worked hard on it, she is now known as a famous TV personality. We should also work according to our Passion and take advantage of every opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Chanel’s west coast is 34 years old. She is a famous TV personality and American rapper having a net worth of $3 million.

Dom Fenison is the boyfriend of Chanel’s West Coast. He is a model and real estate investor.

As of recent states, Chanel’s West Coast Net Worth is around $3 million. She made this wealth from music videos and TV personality.