Allama Iqbal Poetry

Allama Iqbal was a great thinker, philosopher, and Islamic scholar. He is also known as the poet of the East. Allama Iqbal’s Poetry inspired the youth of Pakistan by giving the concept of self-realization. He wrote his poems in Urdu and Persian language. Allama Iqbal Poetry poems and ghazal cover all aspects of life, such as politics, socialism, and Islam. Iqbal’s poetry and philosophy played an important role in the Pakistan movement, leading to Pakistan’s creation in 1947.

Allama iqbal was born on November 9 1877.November 9 is called Iqbal Day, which is celebrated not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. The Pakistan government declared a national holiday on November 9 to recognize his services. He is our national poet. Allama Iqbal’s poetry for students stresses them to find a new way to break the ground and make a new path toward a successful life.

Do you know why we celebrated November 9 as Iqbal Day?

In this article, We will read about Iqbal Day poetry, Allama Iqbal poetry for students and children, and Iqbal Day’s celebration.

Iqbal Day’s Celebration

The Birth Aneversy of Allama Iqbal is celebrated every year on November 9 as Iqbal Day. Due to his unique and modern style, Iqbal’s poetry is famous and read as state of the art worldwide. Allama Iqbal’s poetry explored the themes of spirituality, love, nature, and the struggle for freedom. Allama Iqbal gave the vision for creating Pakistan and motivated the Quaid e Azam to create a modern country named Pakistan.

For this great work of Allama Iqbal, Pakistani people celebrate Iqbal Day every year on November 9. The student recites different poems and ghazal in schools, colleges, and universities in remembrance of Iqbal. On a different occasion, his poetry expresses how Pakistani people can do their best for the betterment of the country.

Famous Poetry on Iqbal Day

Here is a well-known poem by Allama Iqbal in English and Urdu:

Iqbal also wrote some lines that inspire the children of Pakistan such as Most people like to read Allama Iqbal’s poetry in Urdu:

Allama Iqbal poetry
Allama Iqbal poetry
Allama Iqbal poetry
Allama Iqbal poetry-4

Allama Iqbal Poerty For Youth

Allama Iqbal poetry-5
Allama Iqbal poetry
Allama Iqbal poetry-7
Allama Iqbal poetry-8
Allama Iqbal poetry-9
Allama Iqbal poetry-10
Allama Iqbal poetry-11
Allama Iqbal poetry-12

Allama Iqbal Poetry For Students

Allama Iqbal poetry-13
Allama Iqbal poetry-14
Allama Iqbal poetry-15
Allama Iqbal poetry-16

Iqbal Poems For Children

Allama Iqbal poetry-17
Allama Iqbal poetry-18
Allama Iqbal poetry-19
Allama Iqbal poetry-20
Allama Iqbal poetry-21
Allama Iqbal poetry-22
Allama Iqbal poetry-23
Allama Iqbal poetry-24

Dream of Mother (Allama Iqbal)بچوں کے لیے

Allama Iqbal poetry-25
Allama Iqbal poetry-26
Allama Iqbal poetry-27
Allama Iqbal poetry-28
Allama Iqbal poetry-29
Allama Iqbal poetry-30
Allama Iqbal poetry-31
Allama Iqbal poetry-32
Allama Iqbal poetry-33
Allama Iqbal poetry-34

Iqbal Love For His Creator

Allama Iqbal Poetry
Allama Iqbal poetry-36
Allama Iqbal poetry-37
Allama Iqbal poetry-38
Allama Iqbal poetry-39
Allama Iqbal poetry-40

Allama Iqbal Poem About Unity

In this poem, Allama Iqbal shows the importance of unity, he says we will be stronger if we unite:

Allama Iqbal poetry-41
Allama Iqbal poetry-42
Allama Iqbal poetry-43
Allama Iqbal poetry-44
Allama Iqbal poetry-45
Allama Iqbal poetry-46
Allama Iqbal poetry-47
Allama Iqbal poetry-47
Allama Iqbal poetry-48


In Conclusion, Iqbal poetry inspires and motivates readers, especially children, and students. He gave a great message through his poetry, which remains relevant today. The philosophy of Iqbal is read even today in the modern world. Allama Iqbal’s poetry has been translated into many languages and millions of people read it every year in the world. His poetry made a great impact on the Muslim world. His legacy as a poet, scholar, and philosopher will endure for generations.  

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