Upwork Time Tracker: How to Set It Up & Feature it [2023]

The Upwork Time Tracker is a user-friendly desktop application developed by Upwork specifically for freelancers and clients to track work hours and ensure transparent collaboration. This tool is currently available for Windows and macOS, offering freelancers an easy way to monitor their activities, accurately record billable hours, and maintain a detailed work history.

How to use an Upwork time tracker?

If you want to use the Upwork time tracker, install the desktop app on your computer. Note that you cannot use the Upwork time app and similar features when on the mobile app, so make sure you’re using your desktop or laptop to access this feature.

After installing the app on your computer, using the Upwork time tracker and Upwork work diary is pretty simple. This section reviews how to access and use certain features on the Upwork time tracker.

How to do Upwork Time tracking?


Using the Upwork time tracker and Upwork Diary is very simple. I will inform you about the Upwork time tracker in this blog post. So, read this article from start to finish to better understand.

Logging Your Time by Using Work Diary

Upwork Time tracking is a safe and convenient way to track time. It shows your working hours and work-in-progress screenshots. To do this: 

  • Log into the Upwork app
  • To find your work diary
  • Go to My job page
  • Find the contract in the list and Click the view work diary button

Log your time

  • Open the Upwork Desktop
  • Select the contract
  • Switch on the tracker
  • Enter a memo or activity

Update your work Diary

  • As a freelancer, You can edit, add, and delete time in an active contract in your work diary (Current week). The previous week’s work diary can be editable. Your client can edit your activity labels but not your memos or anything else/
  • Each hourly contract includes its own Work Diary.
  • Only time within the weekly limit will be billed and reported on an hourly contract.
  • Since Upwork bills in 10-minute portions, there will be some rounding.
  • To study the information in a way that suits you the most, you can change the time zone between “Mine” and UTC.
  • Once a contract is closed, the Work Diary cannot be edited.

Update Memos and Activity Labels

  • Go to the My Job tab
  • Find the contract in the list and Click the view work diary button
  • Click on the memo bar or check the box on the segments to update and fix the Edit Memo button
  • Do the changes you want and set the update 

If you want to add time manually, you must get permission from the clients.

Switching the Contract

Many Upwork freelancers deal with multiple clients at the same time. If you move to another task, you need to track your hours. Use the time tracker window to switch contracts; you will find a new contract field.

Make sure to turn the time log on after switching contracts. Then, you should add a memo or activity label to the project.

Reviewing the Billed Time

There are many ways to view the time billed on Upwork.

The first option you can view your current working time. You can see your real-time tracking. 

Another is you can check your Upwork time billed for the whole day. Through screenshots, you can record the billable time for a whole day.

At last, you have a whole week to view the tracked time. This will show your full week’s working time. And again, you can take screenshots to document billed time on certain tasks.

Benefits of Upwork Time Tracker

1. Automatic Time Tracking

With Upwork Time Tracker, you can effortlessly capture every minute of your work. The tool starts and stops tracking your work time automatically, providing accurate records of billable hours and saving you from the hassle of manual calculations.

2. Transparent Work Documentation 

Upwork Time Tracker captures screenshots at predefined intervals to show your work progress transparently. These screenshots can be shared with clients, ensuring trust and transparency in your freelancing engagements.

3. Guaranteed Payment Protection

By using the Upwork Time Tracker, you benefit from Upwork’s Hourly Protection program. This program ensures you are paid fairly for your time working on projects, giving you peace of mind and financial security.

Features of Upwork Time Tracker

1. Activity Levels

The Time Tracker displays your activity levels, helping you gauge your productivity and identify periods of high or low efficiency. This feature enables you to analyze your work patterns and make adjustments accordingly.

2. Manual Time Logging

In cases where automatic tracking might not suit, Upwork Time Tracker allows you to log hours manually. This feature ensures flexibility and accurate reporting of your work hours.

3. Maintain Consistent Work Patterns

Establish a routine that aligns with your client’s expectations and utilize the Time Tracker consistently. Regularly reviewing your activity levels will enable you to identify areas for improvement and enhance your productivity.

4. Communicate with Clients

Share the screenshots generated by Upwork Time Tracker with your clients to tell them about your progress. This fosters transparency and builds trust, leading to better client relationships.


The Upwork Time Tracker is a valuable tool for freelancers, providing a convenient and transparent way to track their work hours, ensure fair compensation, and enhance their productivity. By leveraging its automatic time tracking, screenshots, and additional features, freelancers can optimize their workflow, boost their earning potential, and deliver exceptional client results. Embrace the power of Upwork Time Tracker and take your freelancing career to new heights of success.