Struggle Jennings Net Worth And How He Become a Country Rapper

Are you eager to Know about Struggle Jennings’s net worth and how he became a successful Rapper and Musician? In Today’s article, I will discuss his income, achievements, and secret lessons. So, let’s move forward with his introduction.

Who is Struggle Jennings

Struggle Jennings is a well-known musician, rapper, and songwriter. The great raper is born into a musician family. His grandparents are instrumental rock guitarist Duane Eddy and country musician Jessi Colter.

William Harness is the step-grandson of Waylon Jennings and he is the nephew of a famous songwriter Shooter Jennings. Due to his family background, he was interested more in music and started to write poems at a very young age.

He was elected for country music in 2001 and gained fame as a country rapper.

Real NameWilliam Harness
Known AsStruggle Jennings
Net worth$3 Million
ProfessionCountry Rapper and Songwriter
Date of BirthMay 31, 1980
Place of BirthNashville, Tennessee, USA
Age42 years
Father NameCurtiss Harness
Mother NameJenni Eddy
Wife Tabitha Harness
ChildrenFive, 3 Daughters and 2 Sons
Height6 feet
Weight75 kg

His Biography

Struggle Jennings was born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on May 31, 1980. His real name is William Harness. He still needs to share his educational background. If I know about his schooling, I will update you soon. His mother’s name is Curtiss Harness, and his father’s name is Jenni Eddy. There is no such information available about his siblings.

William was grown up in the company of a great musician, his grandfather.

His grandparents were talented music performers, and they had a great influence on his life. So, William Harness decided to become a big rapper in the music industry. His hard work and passion made him a great performer in the world of hip-hop. Now he has a huge fan following that likes to see him on the stage as a rapper.

His Wife and Children

Struggle Jennings married Tabitha Harness in April 2018. They have five children, three daughters, Brianna, Innocence, Courtesy, and two sons, Will and Sincere. He is enjoying a wonderful life with his family.

His daughter Brianna is also a well-known performer in the music industry, and Jennings has also released an album with Brianna.

Struggle Jennings wife

Struggle Jennings’s Net Worth and How He Achieved 

The recent stats show that the estimated net worth of Struggle Jennings is $3 Million. He Created this wealth as a Country Rapper and songwriter. Let’s look at his Income growth from the last few years.

He earned most of his income by composing and writing songs, selling albums, and live performances in different shows.

He also owns his YouTube channel, “Struggle Jennings,” which he created on April 3, 2011. This Channel has 926K plus subscribers, where he uploads his songs. His videos reach millions of views, and money directly goes to his account.

He is also making money by doing paid advertisements by collaborating with different brands. He promotes their services and products, and in return, they give him commissions. I will discuss further more about his career in detail.

His Career

He entered his professional career in 2013 when he appeared on his mixtape “Whyte Dawg’.This project gained success due to both Jennings and Rapper Yelawolf. In the same year, he released his first studio album called. “I Am Struggle.”.

In 2016 he collaborated with Yelawolf’s Slumerican label and released the EP “Return of the Outlaw.”

In the following years, 2017-2018, William Harness cooperated with his friend JellyRoll and released the album “Waylon & Willie.”

At the end of 2018, he and his mother released another series titled “Spiritual Warfare”.

In the next year, from his family, his oldest daughter Brianna gave him good support, and they both recorded a song, “Sunny Days”.This album gained great success and got 3rd position on the Billboard Blue Album Charts.

In 2019 He decided to pursue his solo career, so he left Slumerican and recorded his album “Angels and Outlaws’.

On his platform, he released the Album “Widow’s Sons,” the label’s first-ever album.

In addition, Brianna Harness and guitarist Trap DeVille combined work with him and recorded a full-length album with 11 tracks.

His Collaboration

Jennings, driven by his relentless dedication, continued to showcase his musical prowess by collaborating with Adam Calhoun on a joint EP titled “Legends”. In early 2021, he released a series of songs alongside his LP, “Troubadour of Troubled Souls,” further solidifying his artistic presence. This creative momentum led Jennings and Adam Calhoun to join forces again, resulting in another highly acclaimed LP released on April 30 April 2021, called “Outlaw Shit.” The immense popularity of their work was evident as it swiftly climbed to the top spot on the iTunes rap charts upon its release.

He went on many tours with Brianna Harness and Caitlynne Curtis across the United States. This greatly impacted his singing career and became a significant part of his career. The purpose of this tour is to help other artists through his label.

The famous rapper is also invited as a guest in different shows making him more respectable.

His Albums

Now I am going to combine all his albums so that you can get whatever you like

  • I Am Struggle
  • Waylon & Willie I, ii, iii, and iv(with JellyRoll)
  • The Widow’s Son
  • Legend 
  • Troubadour of Troubled Souls
  • Outlaw Shxt

Net Worth Growth

He earned a great name as a country rapper in the music industry and made $3 million as of 2023.

2020$ 0.8 Million
2021$ 1.5 Million
2022$ 2 Million
2023$ 3 Million
Net Worth Growth
Net Worth Growth

Social Media Accounts

Struggle Jennings shares his personal and professional activities on his social media accounts. This shows his love for his fans. He has millions of followers on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. He also has a YouTube channel, “Struggle Jennings,” where he uploads his songs which reach millions of people. His social media links are

  • Youtube 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Social Media PlatformFollowers/Subscribers
Youtube926K plus
Facebook701K Plus
Instagram405K plus
Twitter41K plus

His House and Cars

Jennings has not disclosed any information about his home and cars. But as a famous American rapper, we assume he has a luxury house and expensive cars.

Struggle Jennings car

His Hobbies

  • History Book reading
  • Composing Songs
  • Signing 

Key Lesson from Struggle Jennings’s Success

After reading his success story and achievements, I extracted some important lessons from his success that can push us towards success:

  • Take the challenges as opportunities.
  • Focus on positive things.
  • Turn your Struggle into motivation.
  • Be professional in your job.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Brianna Harness is the daughter of Struggle Jennings, a famous country rapper. She is also a famous singer and works with her father.

The recorded net worth of Struggle is around $9 million. He makes most of his income as a rapper, selling songs, studio albums, and live performances.

Tabitha Harness, a beautiful woman, is the wife of Jennings. They have five children, three daughters and two Sons.