Ecommerce By Saqib Azhar

Saqib Azhar is the CEO of E-Commerece by Enabler, The largest e-commerce network in Pakistan. He is an entrepreneur known as the top-rated mentor of e-commerce businesses in the world. E-commerce by Enabler is an international e-commerce platform where several people connect daily, ask their queries about online business, and get an answer within sixty seconds without any cost. Enablers are providing e-commerce business training online and physically. He has built 30-plus campuses in different cities in Pakistan and abroad.

“Don’t think if you fail what happens, Although think about that if you succeed then what will happen.”

Saqib Azhar is entirely determined to empower the youth of Pakistan by learning different online skills through his platform free of cost. Enablers also provide free video series where individuals can learn about e-commerce businesses. He is continuously trying to stand by the youth in the world of e-commerce to generate money online.

How did he become successful in leading one of the most famous Pakistan Freelancing Companies known as Enablers?

Vision and Mission of Saqib Azhar

Saqib Azhar has changed the lives of millions of people by helping them to generate passive income. He aims to create PKR 10 Billion monthly revenue by 2030, so he educates people with e-commerce skills. He has a dream to make Pakistan’s e-commerce hub an enabler, providing every kind of support to the students and enabling them to generate passive income.

Achievements of Saqib Azhar

Saqib Azhar has successfully done several projects, built an e-commerce community, and prepared mentors in 30-plus cities to help their students make money through e-commerce.

Achievements of Saqib Azhar

1. Enablers

Saqib Azhar has created a Platform that provides learning opportunities for people. People can ask questions, learn about e-commerce, sell their skills, get expert support, and build a good reputation in e-commerce. He has done many seminars and provided different training which helps to develop their e-commerce business in the international market. On Facebook, a group named ecommerce by Enabler has 1 million members, where you can ask your question and get the answer from an expert within 60 seconds.


WORC by Enablers is a Co-Working space where all professionals are welcome to work under one platform guided by experts people from Enablers. It is not just a typical co-working space, as Enablers provides the best ecosystem, enabling you to interact with like-minded people and strengthen your network. You can learn practically and polish your skills. There are 30-plus campuses of Enabler where the WORC facility is available.

3. School of Enabler

Enablers have launched a school of enablers where children are getting values-based education. Its primary focus is to build children’s character for Islamic principles. Its purpose is to teach the core values and skills that will help children later in the future.

4. EVS

EVS is an enabler video series worth $150, but it is totally free, where individuals can learn about all the relevant topics like Amazon, freelancing, digital marketing, and 200 other plus skills. After learning from EVS, You can earn up to $300 per month without any investment.


Enabler has also introduced a college named Enabler College of Technology that provides technical-based education and helps students grow with technology. Students can gain practical knowledge during their degree program and get several other experiences to help them start businesses or work in any other sector.


Saqib Azhar has also built a Clothing brand for both Men and Women where you can buy several categories like Eastern and Western. POTCH NOTCH will be a Fashion wear brand where one can select a casual, formal, and semi-formal dress reasonably priced.

Enablers Campus

Saqib Azhar has made a different eCommerce campus in other cities of Pakistan and abroad, where professionals and experts give training about different e-commerce business models and enable their students to make money online without investment within 3 to 6 months. Students will get lifetime support and free EVS access. Students also join work to learn and work with professionals. There is a win-win condition where everyone grows together. Enablers Campuses are available in different cities in Pakistan, and the headquarters is in Lahore.

The campuses in other cities include:

  • Lahore PIA 
  • Karachi 
  • Islamabad 
  • Sialkot 
  • Gujranwala
  • Multan 
  • Peshawar 
  • Rawalpindi
  • Faisalabad
  • Rahim Yar Khan 
  • Attock
  • Mandi Bahauddin
  • Burewala
  • Hyderabad 
  • Sargodha 
  • Kharian
  • Chicha Watni 
  • Quetta 
  • Okara
  • Sahiwal 
  • Abbottabad 
  • Sukkur 
  • Gojra 
  • Bahawalpur
  • Wah Cant
  • WaziraBad 
  • DG Khan 
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Jhang 
  • Mirpur AJK
  • Mardan
  • Toba Tek Singh

Enablers also have institutions in other countries, including:

  • KSA-Riyadh 
  • KSA-Madina 
  • KSA-Jeddah 
  • Dubai


Enablers have received many awards for their fastest growth in the world of e-commerce and for helping empower the youth by providing the idea of entrepreneurship. Here are the following awards:

  • Best eCommerce award 2020,2021
  • Most rapidly growing brand of the year 2021
  • Best learning platform of the year 2022 by President Dr. ArifAlvi
  • Recognition from the jaded Pakistan and Youth Parliament
  • Selected the ambassador UNDP Youth Development Program

Saqib Azhar as IT Advisor to The PM of Pakistan

Saqib Azhar has been nominated as the IT Advisor to the PM of Pakistan because he shares his ideas about developing an e-commerce business in Pakistan to collaborate with international organizations. He wanted to see the entrepreneurial mindset of the youth, so he also suggested some new police about e-commerce to empower the youth.

His Books

Saqib Azhar also wrote two books related business and positive attitude life. His first book describes the pathway to creating an asset that generates passive income for us. In his second book, he describes the power of positive thinking, which advises youth that they should think positively, be emphatic, and always believe in themselves.

Saqib Azhar as an Inspiration for Youth

Saqib Azhar is an inspiration for all Successful freelancers who will start work from the initial level. He also started his e-commerce journey from zero. Now, he is leading one of the biggest e-commerce companies known as E-commerce by Enabler. Saqib Azhar has enabled thousands of people to grow, start, and grow their e-commerce businesses. There are thousands of success stories, especially young people making $1000 per month through e-commerce business. This article aims to motivate youth towards the e-commerce industry to generate dollars. Now, you are the people who can bring Saqib Azhar’s dream into reality, which is to make 10 Billion in revenue per month by 2030.