How to Delete an Upwork Account? What to Know Before You Do [2023]

There can be different reasons for deleting an Upwork account. You don’t want to use this platform, or you want to shift from one platform to another. Sometimes, you should close your current Upwork account and restart it from your new Upwork account.

Sometimes, you even want to delete your Upwork account for security reasons. I will explain all the step-by-step procedures for deleting your Upwork account for any reason. So, read this article carefully before deleting your Upwork account. 

How to delete your Upwork Account?

You can delete your account at Upwork with the Help of the following steps:

  • First, you should log in to your Upwork account.
  • After login, you should click on your profile pic in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then go to “Setting” from the drop-down menu.
  • .After that, you should reenter your password at Upwork.
  • Then, you should click on the Contact Info.
  • Then you should click on “Close my account.
delete an Upwork account

When you click on “Close my account”, Upwork will ask a few questions regarding why you want to delete your Upwork account.

  • I finished my work and didn’t need Upwork anymore
  • I couldn’t find the jobs that I wanted
  • I found a good client on Upwork, but we are working directly together
  • I want to change my username
  • Upwork is not easy to use
  • I want to close my duplicate account

But before closing your Upwork account, you will likely lose your existing clients and contracts. So, you should take this decision very carefully.

But you will be only allowed to take your pending payments. You can even complete your existing orders before deleting your Upwork account.

If you are facing any issue regarding HBL, you can also contact their customer service.

Creating an Upwork Account after Suspension

You can’t create your Upwork account even after suspension, as it’s against the Upwork Term of Services of not having two Upwork accounts. Even if your account is suspended or you open a new Upwork account, it’s still considered two accounts and against Upwork terms of service.

Can I restore my Upwork account? 

You can restore your Upwork deleted account by contacting Upwork Customer Service. Sometimes, this process takes days, weeks, and even months to restore your Upwork account. So, you should think twice before deleting your Upwork account.

It’s possible to restore a suspended account by using this method. However, suspended account restorations are at the sole discretion of Upwork and are handled only on a case-by-case basis.

In the following ways, you can also improve your odds of restoration after the suspension.

Common suspensions are usually the result of more of the following common violations:

  • Creating multiple accounts
  • By using an unapproved payment method
  • Taking the clients/freelancers off of the platform illegally
  • Sharing the personal contact information before a contract is in place

If you were suspended over failing to win jobs, you might need to prove the Upwork why you believe that you will be more capable of winning jobs in the future. Learning a new skill

Things that you should know before Deleting your Upwork Account

You should remember the important basic points before deleting your Upwork account.

1. Account Deletion is Permanent

Deleting your Upwork account is irreversible. By deleting your Upwork account, you will lose all your data, job history, client relationships, and access to the platform. And you should ensure that you only need a backup of any important information before proceeding.

2. Pending Payments

Ensure you have received all outstanding payments from your clients. Upwork has a built-in payment system, and if there are any pending funds in your account, you should withdraw them before deleting your account. Once your account is deleted, you may lose access to any unpaid earnings.

3. Contract Closure

If you have any ongoing contracts or projects with clients, it’s essential to communicate with them and fulfil your obligations before deleting your account. Terminating contracts may harm your professional reputation and result in negative client feedback.

4. Messaging and Communication History

Upwork records your communication history with clients on the platform. If you need to preserve important messages or discussions, download or save them before deleting your account.

5. Impact on Job Success Score

Upwork utilizes a Job Success Score (JSS) to measure freelancers‘ performance. Deleting your account can affect your JSS and future job prospects on the platform. If you have a good JSS, consider alternative options before deleting your account.

6. Tax and Legal Considerations

Freelancers often have legal and tax obligations associated with their earnings. So, it’s important to consult with the tax professional or lawyer to ensure you’ve fulfilled all your obligations and to understand any potential consequences of deleting your Upwork account.

7. Alternative Platforms

If you are deleting your Upwork account due to dissatisfaction or looking for other opportunities, exploring alternative freelancing platforms or job marketplaces is advisable. Research and consider other options that align with your needs and preferences.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If your Upwork account has been suspended, you cannot delete it yourself. You will need to contact the Upwork customer support team to have your account deleted.

The Connects in Upwork generally expires after any specified time interval. The expiration date is different for each user. So, if you remain active, it will be better as you can prevent the loss of Connects.

Upwork charges $0.99 per Direct to Local Bank withdrawal. Any additional restrictions, like timing regulations and fees, vary depending on your bank.

You should Click Here to navigate to the Upwork Contact Us page. From there, you can click Get Help to send a message to customer support or do live chat to speak with an agent immediately.