How Do I Find My UpWork Username?

If you forgot your Upwork username, you shouldn’t worry. This blog will explain all the methods to recover your Upwork username. So, read this article very carefully to learn about your forgotten Upwork password.

Methods to Recover Upwork Forgotten Username 

Following are some methods through which you can know about your forgotten username.

Find the Upwork Username by login to the Upwork

You can get a username by logging in to the Upwork website. But while logging in to Upwork, please use the correct email address and password. If you forgot your Upwork password, you can also reset your Upwork password by clicking on the link “Forgot Password” that is on the Upwork login page.

After clicking the “Forgot Password” link, an email will be sent to your email address. This email will consist of all the instructions on how you can reset your Upwork password. You can reset your password on Upwork by following all the steps from the email. After resetting your Upwork password, you can log in to your account and find your username.

Find the Upwork Username in case of login to Upwork

You can find your username easily if you are logged in to your Upwork website. You can get a username at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Contact Upwork Customer Support

If you still need help finding your Upwork username, you can contact the customer support provided by Upwork. By contacting and following the customer support of Upwork, you can get your forgotten Upwork username.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The username is that from which other members will identify you. So, you should choose your username very carefully. Your username should not be too long or too short. Your username should be relevant to your work so that you come to the search results.

The username should be unique as it combines different characters (numbers, letters, symbols). The selection of a username ultimately depends on you.

We can find your forgotten Upwork username with the help of the following ways.

  • You can find the Upwork Username by login to the Upwork
  • You can also find your Upwork Username in case of already login to Upwork
  • You can contact Upwork Customer Support to find the forgotten password

If you need to start using your UpWork account, you may wonder how to close it:

  • You should log in to your Upwork account. Then you should click on the “settings” icon at the top right-hand corner. After that, you should click on “Account Settings”.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom from the next page.
  • Click on the “Close Account” button.

The name on your payment method has to match your Upwork Profile name. Your user ID doesn’t have to match your profile name, and it can’t be changed.

It’s not allowed to register for more than one account on Upwork. Users agree to only register for one account.