Ecommerce Success Pakistan By Huzaifa Ali

Huzaifa Ali is the CEO and the Founder of Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP). He is a Pakistani nationalist with years of experience in Ecommerce, especially in Amazon and other online markets worldwide.

After Spending six years in the USA, Huzaifa Ali returned to Pakistan. He decided to share his experience and knowledge with the other people of Pakistan so that they could also benefit. Huzaifa Ali has vast experience in Amazon wholesale FBA. That’s why he was the first in Pakistan to share the safest model of Amazon, “Amazon FBA wholesale,” with the people of Pakistan.

Huzaifa Ali teaches people how to start an Amazon wholesale business and get benefits with minimum investment and risk. He also guides people regarding other online markets and how to do business and earn money through these markets. He made an online video series named Video Success Camp, where different online courses are available.

Who is Huzaifa Ali

What is ESP?

ESP is one of the fastest-growing online communities in Pakistan, with over 150k members. Huzaifa Ali, the CEO of ESP, is working very hard to build his community. His ultimate goal is to make Pakistan an ecommerce hub. That’s why he teaches people about different online earning platforms so that people can do business and get benefits by sitting at home. He is guiding the youth to take the initiative and start their small online business and build that business to multi-million dollars. It’s also beneficial for the economy of Pakistan.

Huzaifa provides his services all over Pakistan, either online or Physically. He guides every Pakistani through VSC and interacts with people through physical meetups.ESP operates in about 9 different cities of Pakistan physically and is available in all other cities by the online medium. ESP offers multiple courses based on physical and online modes of teaching.

The Vision of ESP(Ecommerce Success Pakistan)

The vision of Huzaifa Ali is to make every Pakistani an entrepreneur and make them earn at least 1000$ per month. In this way, if most Pakistanis take the initiative and earn money in dollars, then Pakistan can generate Billions of dollars, which will benefit Pakistan’s economy.

Huzaifa Ali is motivating every female who is sitting at home to take the initiative and start work by sitting at home. To achieve his vision, he made a platform known as Ecommerce Success Pakistan, one of the fastest-growing Ecommerce platforms, which provides an opportunity to interact with thousands of people and learn from their experiences. 

How is ESP helping Pakistan’s Ecommerce?

ESP (Ecommerce Success Pakistan) is helping Pakistan’s commerce by providing training, resources, and support to entrepreneurs and businesses who want to start and grow their E-commerce journey. Huzaifa Ail launched ESP to help Pakistani people grow their businesses on Amazon. Following are the ways through which ESP is helping Pakistan’s Ecommerce.

1. Training

ESP provides detailed training about Ecommerce, especially related to Amazon’s FBA platform. This training helps entrepreneurs and businesses understand how to start, set up, and manage their E-commerce businesses.

2. Community Building

ESP has created a community of E-commerce entrepreneurs in Pakistan, where individuals can share knowledge and experiences and collaborate to grow the Ecommerce industry in the country.

3. Business Incubation

ESP provides support to businesses in the form of growth. ESP helps entrepreneurs through mentorship, advice, and resources that help them grow their businesses.

4. Economic Development

ESP helps promote E-commerce and entrepreneurship in Pakistan. It also helps contribute to the country’s economic development by creating job opportunities and increasing income, and these all help boost the overall economy.

VSC (Video Success Camp)

Huzaifa Ali launched Video Success Camp, which includes all the courses related to different Amazon selling models. Its video-based content provides detailed knowledge regarding US/UK company formation, Wholesale FBA Private Label, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing Etsay, eBay and Domain, etc. 

VSC is designed for all, especially those who cannot afford expensive courses. It is suitable for people who want to start their own business or offer services as VA.

VSC is fully video-based and does not include hands-on training. Hands-on training is provided under the ESP Success Camp and 101 Training Programs only.

Fee and the Bank Detail

Here, I will explain the fee for the course and the other bank details established by Huzaifa Ali.

Fee: 15000 PKR

Bank Name: Meezan Bank

Title: Ecommerce Success Pakistan (Private) Limited 

IBAN Number: PK82MEZN0003130106381156

Branch Address: Plot No.7, Sector-A, Near Gate No.3, Kalsum Plaza, DHA Phase II, Islamabad

Swift Code: MEZNPKKA

How can students get Free Access to ESP?

There is a process through which we can get access to Video Success Camp (VSC). Students can apply for VSC through the ESP website.

Following is the process of applying to students. Students can skip the difficult process and arrange different documents for registration. They only need to submit a copy of their CNIC and provide other required information. They will get access within 24 hours after the payment confirmation.

According to Huzaifa Ali, they are adding all the updated strategies to the VSC to make it easy and understandable for the students to learn about the specific course. Students can learn and start generating their income quickly without any hesitation. Complete guidance is provided in the course by professionals and by experienced trainers.

For more information about the company, visit its official website at

You can also apply for VSC at

Why is the Amazon Wholesale Business Model the safest?

Amazon Wholesale FBA is generally considered a safe model for the following reasons.

Reliable Delivery

With FBA, Amazon takes care of storing, picking, packing, and shipping your products to the customers. Amazon’s well-established network ensures that your products are delivered safely and on time.

Trusted Brand

Amazon is a well-known and trusted brand with millions of loyal customers worldwide. It can help boost your sales and increase your brand recognition and credibility.

Customer Service

Amazon has a customer service system that handles customer inquiries, returns, and refunds on behalf of sellers. It can save sellers time and money; they don’t need to deal with customer service issues themselves.

Inventory Management

FBA also provides sellers with inventory management tools that can help them track their inventory levels and restock their products when necessary. It can help sellers avoid stockouts and ensure their products are always available.


Amazon has invested heavily in security measures to protect sellers and buyers. FBA provides additional protection by ensuring your products are stored in secure Amazon warehouses and handled only by trusted Amazon employees.

Overall, Amazon Wholesale FBA provides sellers with a safe and reliable way to sell their products on the Amazon platform.